Bringing Venture Capital to the community, BasedVC’s strategy with Rudy De La Cruz 

Rudy De La Cruz has advised startups valued at over $100 million alongside other multiple consulting roles. Rudy later transitioned to web3 and brings a wealth of expertise to basedVC

BasedVC is a community-driven venture capital fund that provides liquidity and access to retail investors so that they can co-invest alongside the world’s top funds.

About Rudy

Hello Rudy, please introduce yourself and briefly describe your career journey. 

As a key player in the web3 VC space with Sublime Ventures, my career journey began in management consulting, business brokerage, private equity, and healthcare. There, I discovered my passion for problem-solving and helping others. I transitioned to become a partner and advisor to several web2 startups that have achieved valuations exceeding 100 million dollars. This experience equipped me with valuable insights and expertise that I now bring to the web3 venture capital landscape, where I continue to support innovative projects and entrepreneurs in the decentralized technology space through Sublime Ventures.

What was the inspiration behind the transition into web3?

The inspiration behind my transition into crypto and web3 venture capital stemmed from witnessing the transformative potential of decentralized technologies and blockchain innovations. As a problem solver, I recognized the immense opportunities presented by the web3 space to revolutionize industries while prioritizing helping others. 

Decentralizing Venture Capital with BasedVC

In your own words, please describe Venture Capital, particularly within the web3 space.

Venture capital in the web3 space is the funding provided to startups and projects leveraging blockchain technology – Gaming, artificial intelligence, real-world assets, and other emerging technologies within the decentralized web ecosystem. These investments aim to support innovative projects that have the potential to disrupt traditional industries and create new paradigms of value exchange and interaction. 

How does basedVC democratize access to web3 venture capital? 

BasedVC aims to democratize access to web3 venture capital by providing a platform where retail investors can participate in early-stage investments in promising blockchain projects. Through basedVC, investors can gain exposure to exclusive opportunities in the rapidly evolving web3 space, which were previously only accessible to a select group of investors with privileged access.

Take us through the process of investing with basedVC.

Investing with basedVC involves three simple steps:

  1. Log in via the NFT gated platform, where you can stake your tokens. 
  2. Browse the available investment opportunities and choose projects you wish to invest in. (We provide comprehensive research reports.) 
  3. You can then commit funds to the selected projects through the platform. 

BasedVC manages the investment execution and post-investment support, including delivering vested tokens. Users also have the option to allocate OTC via our platform for liquidity. 

Tell us more about transferring or selling vested tokens after investing with basedVC. 

After investing with basedVC, investors may log in to the platform to claim their vested tokens. Subsequently, the tokens are transferred to their wallet to be stored. Then, the tokens may be transferred to a decentralized or centralized exchange to sell in the open market. 

How does the platform ensure transparency and fairness in investment rounds for retail and institutional investors?

BasedVC ensures transparency and fairness in investment rounds by disclosing relevant information about the projects, conducting thorough due diligence, and providing equal opportunities for all investors to participate in the investment opportunities available on the platform. Moreover, we leverage smart contracts and blockchain, where transactions can be tracked to epitomize transparency. By maintaining open communication channels and adhering to best practices in investment management, basedVC aims to create a level playing field for all participants.

BasedVC, is KYC-free. How do you intend to ensure regulatory compliance, especially while noting the crypto regulatory landscape is evolving quickly?

While basedVC is KYC-free, the platform remains committed to ensuring regulatory compliance by closely monitoring the evolving crypto regulatory landscape and adapting its processes accordingly. By implementing robust internal controls, compliance mechanisms, and risk management protocols, basedVC aims to mitigate regulatory risks and uphold legal standards in its operating jurisdictions.

With the growing popularity of crypto launchpads and token sales, how does basedVC stand out in securing exclusive opportunities for its investors?

BasedVC distinguishes itself in securing exclusive opportunities for investors by leveraging its network, expertise, and reputation in the web3 space. Through strategic partnerships, early-stage deal sourcing, rigorous project selection criteria, and co-marketing, basedVC aim to provide its investors with access to high-potential projects that offer unique value propositions and growth potential.

Looking Ahead

How do you envision basedVC evolving in the next five years?

BasedVC is poised to evolve over the next five years by expanding its investment portfolio, enhancing its platform features, and deepening its engagement with the web3 ecosystem. The team is exploring new investment verticals and strategic partnerships to cater to the evolving needs of investors in the dynamic crypto landscape. By staying ahead of trends and fostering a strong community, basedVC is primed to be a key pillar in the web3 space for years to come. 

Exciting developments are underway at basedVC, with upcoming updates that promise to revolutionize the web3 investment landscape. Stay tuned for groundbreaking announcements that will redefine how you invest in the future of blockchain technology. The best is yet to come – keep your eyes peeled for what’s on the horizon with basedVC.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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