Venom Foundation Announces Operational Wind-Down in ADGM

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  • The Venom Foundation, established under the ADGM Foundations Regulations 2017, has announced its decision to cease operations in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and initiate the dissolution process, aligning with its current strategic direction.
  • The Foundation clarifies that this decision is specific to its operational objectives and not a reflection on the ADGM environment, and it remains open to exploring future opportunities within ADGM, while also stating that no token generation event for a Venom token has occurred.

The Venom Foundation, established in 2022 under the ADGM Foundations Regulations 2017, has reached a significant juncture in its operational journey. The Foundation announced its decision to cease operations within the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), initiating the dissolution process as outlined in section 40 of the regulations. The decision marks a pivotal shift in the Foundation’s strategy, reflecting a reevaluation of its goals and objectives in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Decision not a reflection on ADGM

The dissolution of the Venom Foundation within ADGM is a strategic move, aligned with the Foundation’s current direction and long-term planning. It is imperative to understand that the decision is not a critique or reflection on the ADGM environment, which has been a supportive and conducive space for the Foundation’s activities. Instead, the dissolution is specific to the Venom Foundation’s realignment of its operational focus and strategic objectives. The Foundation emphasizes that its experience within ADGM has been positive and fruitful, and the decision to dissolve is in no way indicative of any negative factors associated with the ADGM.

Despite the winding down of operations in ADGM, the Venom Foundation remains open to potential future collaborations and opportunities within the ADGM framework. The openness signifies the Foundation’s recognition of ADGM’s value as a global financial hub and its potential contributions to future projects. The Foundation’s willingness to consider re-engagement with ADGM in the future underlines its positive view of the market and regulatory environment provided by ADGM.

Venom Foundation’s clarification on token generation event

In an important announcement, the Venom Foundation has clarified that, as of the current date, there has not been any token generation event. The statement comes in response to public claims suggesting the issuance of a Venom token following such an event. The Foundation firmly denies these claims, asserting that any such statements are untrue and not authorized by the Foundation. The clarification is crucial to maintaining the integrity and transparency of the Foundation’s communications and operations. It underscores the Foundation’s commitment to clear and factual dissemination of information regarding its activities and future plans.

Since its inception, the Venom Foundation has been at the forefront of innovation in the financial technology sector. Its establishment under the ADGM Foundations Regulations was a testament to its commitment to adhering to high standards of regulatory compliance and operational excellence. Over the years, the Foundation has made significant strides in its field, contributing to the development of new financial technologies and participating in various initiatives that have advanced the industry.

The Foundation’s role in the financial technology landscape

The Venom Foundation has played a pivotal role in promoting innovation in the financial technology sector. Its efforts have been centered on developing cutting-edge solutions that address the needs of a modern financial system. The Foundation’s work has encompassed a range of activities, from research and development to collaboration with industry partners. These efforts have been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of financial technology.

As the Venom Foundation prepares to wind down its operations in ADGM, it is also looking ahead to new horizons and opportunities. The Foundation’s leadership is committed to exploring new avenues that align with its revised strategic direction. The may involve venturing into different markets, engaging in new partnerships, or focusing on other areas of financial technology innovation. The Foundation’s agile and forward-thinking approach ensures that it remains a significant player in the financial technology landscape, regardless of its operational base.


The Venom Foundation’s decision to dissolve its operations within ADGM is a strategic realignment that reflects the dynamic nature of the financial technology industry. While the marks the end of one chapter in the Foundation’s story, it also opens the door to new possibilities and opportunities. The Foundation’s commitment to innovation, regulatory compliance, and operational excellence remains steadfast. As it navigates the transitional phase, the Venom Foundation continues to focus on its mission to drive progress and innovation in the financial technology sector.

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