Vechain, DNV GL and Haier announce partnership for MyStory

The China-based electronics and appliances giant, Haier, declared a triple-faceted partnership between VeChain, the leading public blockchain platform, and Norway-based technology consultancy DNV GL. This announcement was made on Haier’s recently introduced IoC platform, COSMOPlat.

Declared on the 1st of April, during the event surrounding the COSMOPlat industry. This collaborative project was founded based on the idea of implementing VeChainThor protocol in the textile and clothing business and is backed by one of the most recent stakeholders. DNV GL.

The partnership goes by the name ‘MyStory’ and is expected to integrate with the Internet of Clothing (IoC) by Haier, creating the very 1st blockchain-based life cycle management program for the clothing industry.

Until now, MyStory has seen implementation with the Haier IoC in many cases. One such case is the use of a QR code on the clothes that customers can scan if they want to retrieve information regarding the products, this includes the information on raw material, designing, processing, and manufacturing, etc.

This partnership looks to bring about an unexpected level of communication between all the parties involved in the clothing industry as well as the customers.

COSMOPlat hopes to achieve a medium of transferring information between stores, farms, industries, and customers, providing a single smooth network. Moreover, in the event of a successful run, the project is expected to expand the adoption of blockchain furthermore, to the household industry of textile, dyeing, and printing.

Blockchain technology is, no doubt, breaking barriers and this partnership adds to the transforming power possessed by digital ledger technology (DLT).