$7.2t asset manager Vanguard continues to shun Bitcoin ETFs as CEO announces retirement


  • Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley announces retirement, sparking discussion on the firm’s future crypto policies.
  • Despite leadership change, Vanguard’s longstanding skepticism towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies expected to continue.
  • Vanguard emphasizes traditional investment strategies, with no plans to introduce Bitcoin ETFs or crypto products.

Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley is set to retire at the end of the year, the company announced, sparking discussions on whether this might influence the firm’s cautious stance on cryptocurrency products, including spot Bitcoin ETFs. 

Vanguard has distinguished itself from other major U.S. financial institutions by not embracing the recently approved Bitcoin ETFs, a decision under Buckley’s leadership.

Despite the retirement news and the ensuing speculation on X about a potential shift in Vanguard’s approach to cryptocurrencies, the firm’s long-standing skepticism towards Bitcoin and crypto products suggests that any change in leadership is unlikely to alter its position.

 Buckley, who has been with Vanguard for years, has consistently voiced his doubts about the intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies, likening them to speculative rather than investment-worthy assets.

Vanguard reluctance to support spot Bitcoin ETFs

Vanguard’s reluctance to support spot Bitcoin ETFs reflects a broader institutional philosophy. The company has emphasized long-term investment strategies over the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies. Again, its stance is supported by statements from other Vanguard executives, reinforcing the view that crypto lacks maturity as an asset class and does not provide economic value or cash flow. 

Furthermore, Vanguard has no plans to launch its own Bitcoin ETF or to offer existing crypto-related products on its brokerage, adding that its focus is on traditional investment avenues.

The company is now seeking Buckley’s replacement, considering both internal and external candidates. Meanwhile, Vanguard’s Chief Investment Officer, Greg Davis, has been promoted to President. Despite Davis’s slightly more positive remarks on blockchain technology in the past, Vanguard’s overall approach to cryptocurrencies remains cautious. The firm uses blockchain for specific operational efficiencies, such as receiving index data, showcasing a measured recognition of the technology’s benefits outside the direct investment in cryptocurrencies.

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