VanEck advisor details the psychological effect of a Bitcoin ETF approval


  • VanEck advisor Gabor Gurbacs has detailed the psychological effect that approving a spot Bitcoin ETF could have on investors.
  • Anticipating the SEC’s decision on spot Bitcoin ETF.

The price of a whole Bitcoin can be a significant barrier for potential investors who might hesitate to purchase only a fraction of the cryptocurrency. This hesitation is rooted in the psychology of unit bias, where individuals prefer owning complete units rather than fractions. According to Gabor Gurbacs, an advisor at VanEck, the solution to this challenge lies in the introduction of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

VanEck advisor details the elimination of unit bias

Gurbacs, in a series of posts on social media, highlighted the lack of awareness among many people regarding the possibility of owning a portion of a Bitcoin. Even more interestingly, the VanEck advisor pointed out that a considerable number of individuals simply prefer to own complete assets. He mentioned that he was surprised that a good number of people didn’t know that they could own a fraction of a Bitcoin. The VanEck andvisor also noted that even more frequently, people didn’t want to own a fraction of a coin. The psychology behind this preference is based on the idea that owning a whole share feels more satisfying than owning a fraction of an investment.

Gurbacs emphasized that while it might seem like a minor factor, this unit bias psychology plays a substantial role in shaping investor sentiment. He mentioned that owning a full share feels better than owning 0.001 Bitcoin. ‘It seems like a small thing but it’s a big thing,” he explained. Although the debate around unit bias is not new, Gurbacs argued that biases represent valuable tools for understanding markets. He stressed the significance of unit bias psychology, acknowledging its simplistic nature but asserting its substantial impact on investor behavior.

Anticipating the SEC’s decision on spot Bitcoin ETF

VanEck advisor Gabor Gurbacs noted that simplistic but unit bias psychology matters a lot. I think about this a lot,” the VanEck advisor said. Meanwhile, the crypto industry is abuzz with anticipation regarding the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Despite high expectations within the crypto space, the broader financial services industry remains skeptical about the likelihood of approval. A recent survey conducted by Bitwise, which included responses from 437 financial advisors, revealed that only 39% of U.S. financial advisors anticipate the approval of a Bitcoin ETF this year.

This skepticism is rooted in the complex regulatory landscape and uncertainties surrounding digital assets. The media has reported ongoing developments indicating that the final steps for a spot Bitcoin ETF debut on Wall Street are in progress. Asset managers are expected to submit final revisions through S-1 filings before the start of business on January 8. These revisions will likely include crucial details such as remaining fees and tickers. Notably, BlackRock, a key player in the financial industry, has not yet disclosed the fees associated with its ETF.

As the industry eagerly awaits the SEC’s decision, the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF is seen as a transformative moment for the cryptocurrency market. If greenlit, such an ETF could open doors for a broader range of investors, addressing concerns related to unit bias and making Bitcoin more accessible to a mainstream audience. The challenges posed by unit bias psychology in the context of Bitcoin ownership highlight the need for innovative solutions like ETFs. Gabor Gurbacs’ insights shed light on the intricacies of investor behavior, emphasizing the importance of understanding psychological factors in market dynamics.

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