Valheim Discord Hacked: Users Warned of Malware Scam


  • Valheim Discord server hacked; players warned of malware links.
  • Discord admin accounts compromised; server in lockdown.
  • Iron Gate working to restore the server; malware designed to steal data.

In a concerning turn of events, the official Valheim Discord server has been hacked, with hackers posting malicious links containing malware. Iron Gate, the developer of the popular survival game Valheim, has taken swift action to protect its community, urging players not to accept any invites or click on links related to the Valheim Discord until further notice.

The incident came to light when players reported encountering suspicious links on the Valheim Discord, which initially seemed harmless but were part of a phishing scam designed to infect users’ computers with malicious executables. These executables appear to target sensitive data, including cookies and personal information.

Valheim Discord server in lockdown

As of the latest updates, the Valheim Discord server does not appear in search results, and links to the server from the official Valheim website have been removed. ‘Munin,’ a Steam moderator affiliated with Coffee Stain, the publisher of Valheim, has confirmed that the server is locked down. Additionally, any attempts to access the Valheim Discord now redirect users to a server owned by one of the hackers responsible for the breach.

Players are strongly advised not to click on links or accept invitations associated with the Valheim Discord, as they may further compromise their personal data and system security.

Iron Gate’s response and ongoing investigation

Iron Gate, the developer of Valheim, has issued a statement addressing the situation. They have reiterated the warning for players not to use links connected to the Valheim Discord. Iron Gate committed to restoring the Discord server to its previous state and has initiated efforts to resolve the issue. The company is also seeking assistance from Discord to expedite the recovery process.

“Munin,” the Steam moderator, shed light on the extent of the security breach, stating,

“Multiple Discord accounts with admin permissions were hijacked. A phishing link containing an infected file was spammed. Additionally, an attempt was made to delete all channels and ban users. The Discord is in lockdown while Iron Gate is working on resolving and contacting Discord for assistance. Thank you for your patience.”

Players who received the malicious links reported being directed to a “fake game” that, upon access, deposited a file named ‘Windows Boot Manager.’ Further investigation revealed that this file contains malware, identified as an “epsilon stealer,” designed to steal browser data and cookies.

Iron Gate and Coffee Stain have taken these developments seriously, recognizing the potential harm to their player community and the need for robust security measures.

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