Deploying blockchain technology for a safer post-pandemic world

Deploying blockchain technology for a safer world post pandemic

Netherlands-based blockchain ticketing platform GUTS is effectively using the blockchain technology to device a digitized access system that mitigates the risks arising from easing of lockdown restrictions.

A world post-quarantine seemed like a far-fetched idea a few weeks back as the coronavirus pandemic continued to penetrate deep into every corner around the globe and wreak havoc. Now, however, several countries, which have mainly managed to ‘flatten the curve,’ are finally discussing the eagerly-awaited lockdown exit plans. But it’ll be far from easy.

As WHO warns, if the lockdown restrictions are not lifted carefully and effectively, there is a strong chance of the resurgence of this illness. Thus, in its efforts to find efficient and practical ways to resume normal life without causing any further hindrance to public health, the Netherlands has turned to blockchain technology.

Wish to head out? Get a GUTS ticket

On 22nd April 2020, the blockchain startup GUTS announced a modification of its existing app that links a unique digital wallet to every smartphone with a verified phone number. All users have to do is seek access to a public place before venturing out by getting a digitized ticket that validates their entry.

Based on multiple factors such as the demographics and the density of the crowd present in that place at that place, the app may approve or reject the entry. Using the blockchain technology, the GUTS ticketing app also offers guidance on how busy a particular shop, supermarket, or public place is. 

Additionally, it also provides recommendations on whether or not it is safe to venture out by earmarking high-risk and low-risk zones. 

We prioritize health and safety over privacy, GUTS

Shedding more light on the app’s privacy protocols, which is supposedly one of the highly-scrutinized areas of technology, especially during a time when a large number of people are heavily relying on technology for their everyday routine, the firm states that the app has an option to wipe out all security information when the requirement is over.

That said, it also outlines the importance of putting safety over privacy. The announcement states that as much as it is essential to acknowledge and safeguard the confidentiality of its users, it is equally crucial to note that without any data, it will be unable to do its part in keeping the users safe. And as time demands, health and safety take priority over everything. 

Blockchain technology – a ray of hope for the post-pandemic world

In similar news, around ten technology companies from the Netherlands got together last month to pilot an initiative called Tech Against Corona and help its citizens win the uphill battle against the virus. 

Similarly, another blockchain enterprise Chiliz is working on designing a digital ticketing system that enables the enthusiastic football fans to return to the football stadium to watch their favorite game by helping them assess how safe the location is.

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