U.S. and Vietnam are joining hands against China

Tensions are ratcheting up in Southeast Asia as the U.S. fortifies its ties with Vietnam, casting an unmistakable shadow over China. In a bold move that underscores the shifting dynamics of geopolitical power, Vietnam has bestowed upon Washington an honor previously reserved for powerhouses like China, Russia, and a select few others.

With President Joe Biden’s recent trip to Hanoi, it’s evident that the winds of change are blowing – and China should take note.

A Ceremonial Welcome, A Strategic Partnership

Hanoi welcomed Biden with a ceremony organized by the ruling Communist Party, where young children joyously waved the American flag. The symbolism was palpable. It was an acknowledgment of the journey these nations have traversed together – from bitter Cold War-era adversaries to strategic allies. This upgrade in relations isn’t mere pageantry; it’s a clarion call signaling Vietnam’s intent to lean closer to the West. If anyone was still doubting Vietnam’s position in the intensifying U.S.-China tug of war, this should clear the air. Vietnam is placing itself firmly on the side that will best serve its interests. And right now, that side seems to be the United States.

Yet, the complexity of international relations isn’t lost on Vietnam. As the U.S. strengthens its grip, Hanoi is still keen on maintaining cordial relations with other superpowers. In the coming days, top Chinese officials might grace Vietnam with their presence, a move that’s presumably meant to balance out the diplomatic scales.

Vietnam’s Delicate Dance with Defense Deals

But beneath the overt gestures and diplomatic niceties lies an undercurrent of unease, particularly when it comes to defense agreements. Vietnam’s longstanding ties with Russia, particularly in the sphere of military supplies, are under the microscope. With talks of a fresh arms deal between Moscow and Hanoi in the pipeline, Vietnam risks inviting U.S. sanctions. Washington’s eyes are closely watching how these negotiations pan out.

That said, the U.S. isn’t sitting idly by. The recently minted U.S.-Vietnam upgrade isn’t just symbolic; it’s tactical. As insiders from the U.S. camp hint, Vietnam may soon diversify its military supplies, reducing its reliance on Moscow. If these indications materialize, it’ll be another feather in the U.S. cap and, potentially, another nail in China’s coffin in the region.

Economic Ties That Bind

Amidst these political machinations, the wheels of trade and commerce churn on. Biden’s visit was as much about economic partnerships as it was about politics. As trade and investment connections burgeon between the two nations, Vietnam emerges as a potent ally in the U.S.’s bid to secure global supply chains from potential Chinese interruptions.

Biden’s focus on semiconductors during his visit was hardly surprising. With the U.S. ready to pump funds into bolstering semiconductor supply chains, Vietnam, with its burgeoning tech sector, stands as a natural ally. But it’s not just about chips. The two nations are also looking to fortify supply chains of crucial minerals, notably rare earths – a domain where Vietnam’s prominence is steadily rising.

Where Do We Stand Now?

The symbolism, the economic ties, the strategic partnerships – it all points to one thing: the U.S. and Vietnam are more aligned now than they’ve ever been since the end of the Vietnam War. This renewed camaraderie is undoubtedly a product of mutual interests, but it’s also a testament to the changing realities of the region.

China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea and its increasingly ambitious foreign policy are pushing many countries to reconsider their stances. And as Vietnam elevates its relationship with the U.S., it sends a loud and clear message to China and the world. It’s no longer business as usual.

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