Major US tech firms make AI promises to the White House

white houseTech companies to make AI safety and transparency pledges to White

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  • Major US tech firms including Google, OpenAI, Amazon, and Microsoft have committed to promoting safety and transparency in AI development.
  • The commitments were made at the White House and include internal and external safety testing of AI systems before public release.
  • The firms will also share more information about risk mitigation, invest more in cybersecurity, and facilitate third-party vulnerability reporting.

In a critical juncture for the future of artificial intelligence (AI), leading US tech giants, including Google and OpenAI, are set to publicize their commitment to enhance safety and transparency in the burgeoning field of AI.

This assurance comes directly from the epicenter of American power, the White House, as a part of a broader initiative to secure the digital frontier of AI.

Stepping up the safety game

A consortium of technology behemoths such as Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Inflection AI, Meta, Microsoft, and OpenAI are lining up to take the oath of voluntary commitments.

The objective is clear: fostering a safer, more secure, and transparent environment for the progression of AI technology. An essential part of this commitment entails the companies’ agreement to conduct internal and external safety evaluations of their AI systems before they hit the public domain.

These commitments are a direct outcome of the Biden administration’s proactive approach towards tackling AI’s safety concerns.

Less than a quarter ago, the administration hosted a candid dialogue with technology executives at the White House, a conversation that sowed the seeds of these impending public commitments.

The pledges and promises

A series of top-level executives are gearing up to grace the White House with their presence to herald their new public promises.

This esteemed list includes Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft; Mustafa Suleyman, the chief executive at Inflection AI; and Nick Clegg, the president of Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram.

This voluntary commitment acts as the cornerstone for laying down responsible AI’s regulatory framework, according to Nick Clegg. Brad Smith believes the White House’s proactive stance creates a robust foundation for capitalizing on AI’s potential while minimizing its risks.

Echoing similar sentiments, Anna Makanju, Vice-President of Global Affairs at OpenAI, stated the commitments will lend concrete practices to the ongoing discourse on AI regulation.

Earlier this year, OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, made a compelling case before Congress about the pressing need for ramping up AI regulation. Altman emphasized the potential for technology to go seriously wrong if it’s not appropriately regulated.

As part of the pledge, these tech firms are committing to increase security testing and improve transparency by sharing more details about risk mitigation strategies across industry and governmental platforms.

Additionally, they aim to beef up their investments in cybersecurity measures and facilitate an environment for third parties to uncover and report system vulnerabilities, as shared by the White House.

Despite these industry-led initiatives, the White House considers the commitments as only the first step towards responsible AI development. The administration is preparing an executive order and is coaxing the Congress to enact legislation for stricter AI regulation.

A White House official affirmed that while the voluntary commitments are elevating safety, security, and trust standards in AI, the need for bipartisan legislation and an executive order remains unchanged.

AI’s rapid evolution has left the government hustling to formulate an effective policy response. This proactive approach to AI safety and security marks a top priority for President Biden’s administration, looking forward to nurturing the growth of AI while ensuring it is safe and beneficial for all.

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