US Commerce Secretary Reviews NVIDIA’s AI Chip Sales to China


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  • US Commerce Secretary reviews NVIDIA’s AI chip sales to China, emphasizing scrutiny and compliance.
  • China is a crucial market for NVIDIA, with 25-30% of AI revenue coming from there.
  • NVIDIA explores new markets and unveils replacements for banned AI chips in response to US regulations.

In a recent development, the US Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, has expressed her perspective on NVIDIA’s involvement in the Chinese market. This article explores the key points raised by Secretary Raimondo regarding NVIDIA’s AI chip sales to China and the company’s compliance with US regulations.

 A valued partner, NVIDIA

Secretary Raimondo acknowledged NVIDIA as a “good partner” in the tech industry. This recognition signifies the positive working relationship between the US-based semiconductor giant and the US government. It is essential to highlight that NVIDIA has a history of cooperation with US authorities.

Scrutiny of AI chip specifications

One of the central aspects of Secretary Raimondo’s statement is the US government’s scrutiny of AI chips designed for the Chinese market. The objective is to ensure these chips comply with US export regulations and policies.

Secretary Raimondo emphasized the need to examine the AI chip specifications for China closely. This includes not only NVIDIA’s chips but also those from other companies. The US Commerce Department ensures that these chips align with established regulations.

A crucial market for NVIDIA in China

China holds a significant place in NVIDIA’s business landscape. It is reported that approximately 25-30% of NVIDIA’s AI revenue comes from China. This underscores the importance of the Chinese market to the company’s financial performance.

Recent US bans have raised concerns for NVIDIA. Due to regulatory changes, some of its products, including the HGX H200, L40, and L4, faced restrictions on sales and exports to China. These bans have the potential to impact NVIDIA’s future financial results.

Expanding into new markets

In response to the challenges posed by US regulations, NVIDIA has been exploring opportunities in other markets. The company’s strategy includes expanding its presence in India, Japan, and Vietnam. These efforts are aimed at maintaining its leadership in the AI sector.

The data center AI lineup

NVIDIA has unveiled a new Data Center AI lineup, which includes the HGX H20, L20 PCIe, and L2 PCIe chips. These products are designed to replace the banned H200, L40, and L4 chips. This move is part of NVIDIA’s commitment to continue providing AI solutions in the Chinese market.

Beyond data-specific chips, NVIDIA is also working on replacements for consumer-centric products like the RTX 5880 and RTX 4090 D. These new offerings are intended to fill the gap left by products like the RTX 6000 Ada and RTX 4090, which faced export restrictions.

Cooperation with NVIDIA’s CEO

Secretary Raimondo revealed that she recently spoke with NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang. According to her, Huang fully cooperated in working with the US government and adhering to the rules and regulations. This cooperation is a positive indicator of NVIDIA’s commitment to compliance.

Future developments

The discussions between the US government and NVIDIA provide insight into the evolving landscape of AI chip exports to China. As the situation develops, updates on US regulations and export policies will be crucial for the company and the tech industry.

The US Commerce Secretary, Gina Raimondo, has highlighted the close relationship between the US government and NVIDIA while emphasizing the scrutiny of AI chip specifications intended for China. As NVIDIA navigates the challenges posed by US regulations, its strategic initiatives and commitment to compliance will shape its future in the global tech market.

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