US Leads Global Action on AI Safety with Landmark Executive Order


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  • White House unveils major AI safety measures, requiring AI developers to disclose safety outcomes to US government.
  • US leads in AI governance with new safety, privacy, and global collaboration standards, overshadowing the UK’s upcoming AI Summit.
  • Amid global AI policy shifts, Biden’s comprehensive executive order sets a high benchmark for ethical AI development and usage.

In a groundbreaking move, the White House has unveiled what it describes as “the most significant actions ever taken by any government to advance the field of AI safety.” President Biden has issued an executive order compelling artificial intelligence (AI) developers to disclose safety results to the US government, asserting the nation’s pivotal role in steering the global dialogue on AI governance.

Pioneering AI safety standards

This executive order sets a new benchmark, establishing stringent safety and security standards for AI. Companies working in AI are now required to share results from safety tests with federal authorities, ensuring transparency and accountability in the development and deployment of these technologies.

Ensuring privacy and equity

The Biden administration is taking significant strides to safeguard consumer privacy and prevent discrimination by AI algorithms. New guidelines will assist agencies in evaluating the privacy techniques employed in AI, while best practices will be developed to define AI’s appropriate role in the justice system. 

Addressing healthcare and education

The executive order also targets potentially harmful AI practices in healthcare, initiating a program for evaluation and creating resources for educators on responsible AI tool usage. These measures aim to mitigate risks and promote the ethical application of AI in sensitive sectors.

International collaboration and workforce development

In a bid to establish global AI standards, the US is actively engaging with international partners. The executive order emphasizes the importance of collaboration to ensure consistent and comprehensive AI safety measures worldwide.

Simultaneously, the administration is bolstering its AI workforce, with AI.gov now listing relevant federal job openings for AI professionals, signaling a commitment to fostering expertise in this critical field.

The UK summit and global AI leadership

This announcement comes ahead of the UK government’s AI Summit at Bletchley Park, slated for November 1st. The two-day event, spearheaded by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, aims to tackle the escalating risks associated with rapid AI advancements, such as enhanced bio-weapons and crippling cyber attacks.

Despite its ambitions, the UK Summit appears to have narrowed its focus, primarily addressing long-term risks, with experts like Gary Marcus and Alex Krasodomski highlighting a lack of immediate solutions and questioning its authoritative power.

US vs. UK to a battle for AI Supremacy

While the UK endeavors to establish itself as a front-runner in minimizing AI risks, the US executive order reflects a bold assertion of leadership in AI governance. The inclusion of the UK Summit under the banner of ‘advancing American leadership abroad’ in the executive order subtly underscores the US’s dominant role in shaping global AI policy.

With the EU progressing on its AI Act, China implementing strict AI regulations, and the G7 contemplating a code of conduct for advanced AI systems, the global landscape of AI governance is rapidly evolving. The US’s comprehensive approach, covering immediate and long-term risks, sets a high standard for others to follow.

A global call to action

As the world grapples with the unprecedented challenges posed by AI, the US’s robust executive order marks a significant step towards ensuring the safe and ethical development of these technologies. The collaborative and comprehensive measures outlined in the order underscore the Biden administration’s commitment to leading the global charge on AI safety, security, and trust.

By actively engaging with international partners and fostering a skilled AI workforce, the US is positioning itself at the forefront of AI governance, setting the stage for a safer, more equitable future in the digital age.

The White House’s announcement represents a pivotal moment in the global discourse on AI safety. The comprehensive measures introduced by President Biden’s executive order reflect a proactive and holistic approach to addressing the myriad challenges posed by AI.

As the world convenes at Bletchley Park for the UK Summit, the US’s assertive actions and clear commitment to AI safety set a new global standard, challenging other nations to rise to the occasion and collaborate on safeguarding the future of AI.

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