U.S. Department of Defense Launches AI Bias Bounty Program


  • DoD seeks public help to spot bias in AI. Anyone can join, no coding needed. Bounties awarded, shaping future AI rules.
  • Program aims to uncover hidden AI risks, starting with chatbots. Results may guide AI research and improve policies.
  • DoD leads in unbiased AI. The Bounty program sets an ethical example for all.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is taking proactive steps to ensure the fairness and transparency of artificial intelligence (AI) systems. In a bold move, the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) has initiated the AI Bias Bounty program, a crowdsourcing effort aimed at identifying bias in AI systems, beginning with large language models (LLMs).

Crowdsourcing to detect bias

The first stage of the AI Bias Bounty program has been officially launched, with an open invitation to the public to participate. Running from January 29 to February 27, 2024, this exercise encourages individuals from all backgrounds to register. Notably, coding expertise is not a prerequisite for participation.

The primary goal of the first bounty exercise is to identify hitherto unknown areas of risk within large language models, particularly focusing on open-source chatbots. This exercise is intended to facilitate the mitigation and control of potential risks associated with AI systems.

Impact on future U.S. DoD policies

The outcomes of these bounties hold the potential to significantly influence the future policies and adoption of AI within the DoD. According to Craig Martell, Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer, these initiatives are closely monitored as part of the department’s commitment to addressing risks associated with LLMs.

Beyond shaping policies, the DoD may leverage the results of these bounty programs for further research, analysis, best practices, and policy recommendations. This underscores the DoD’s dedication to maintaining unbiased AI systems across all operational domains.

Comprehensive approach to AI strategy

In November 2023, the DoD unveiled a comprehensive strategy to expedite the integration of advanced AI capabilities. The primary focus is to secure enduring decision superiority for U.S. soldiers on the battlefield in the coming years. This strategy surpasses earlier AI and data strategies, setting the stage for the department’s AI-enabled capabilities.

The exercises are not solely focused on identifying bias but also on developing innovative approaches to algorithmic auditing and red-teaming AI models. This approach enables the DoD to experiment with addressing identified risks, ensuring that AI systems remain unbiased in their deployment.

The Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO), established in June 2022, plays a pivotal role in integrating and optimizing AI capabilities across the DoD. It’s tasked with accelerating the adoption of data, analytics, and AI while safeguarding against emerging threats.

Leading by example for ethical AI

The DoD’s launch of the AI Bias Bounty program serves as a trailblazing example for other organizations. It demonstrates a commitment to prioritizing unbiased AI systems, fostering ethical and fair AI use for the benefit of society.

The U.S. Department of Defense’s AI Bias Bounty program marks a significant step in the quest for unbiased AI systems. With crowdsourcing as the foundation, this initiative opens the door for individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate actively. The outcomes of these bounty exercises could reshape the future of AI policies within the DoD, setting a powerful example for organizations worldwide in promoting fair and ethical AI use.

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