Weapon Balancing Update Coming to Warzone Season 1


  • Raven Software will nerf MTZ Interceptor in the Warzone Season 1 update.
  • Balancing changes are expected mid-next week; other guns may also be adjusted.
  • Warzone Season 1 Reloaded update is coming soon with more changes.

Raven Software, the developers behind the popular battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone, have announced plans for an upcoming weapon balancing update in Warzone Season 1. In response to player feedback and concerns about game balance, the MTZ Interceptor, a Marksman Rifle, is set to receive a nerf in this anticipated update. 

This move aims to maintain a fair and competitive gaming environment by addressing overpowered weapons that have dominated matches.

MTZ interceptor faces Nerf in upcoming update

The MTZ Interceptor, known for its formidable firepower and the ability to down a fully-plated enemy with just a few well-placed shots, has emerged as one of the dominant weapons in Warzone Season 1. 

Despite a previous nerf, it continued to dominate the meta, leading to calls from the player community for adjustments. Raven Software has heeded these calls, confirming that the MTZ Interceptor will be one of the focal points of the forthcoming weapon balancing update.

“We’ve seen your questions about weapon balance and are happy to confirm that an update is coming mid-next week. And yes, that includes changes to the MTZ Interceptor!”

Raven Software stated in a recent post on their official communication platform.

Players have welcomed this decision, viewing it as a step toward restoring balance in the game. The MTZ Interceptor’s nerf is expected to level the playing field, allowing a wider variety of weapons to be viable choices for players.

Player feedback drives balancing efforts

Warzone Season 1 introduced a vast array of weapons, combining all the existing Modern Warfare 2 guns with those from Modern Warfare 3. With over 100 weapon options, certain firearms inevitably rose to prominence, shaping the game’s meta.

The BAS-B had previously claimed the title of the best gun in the game until a nerf shifted the balance of power to LMGs like the Bruen Mk9.

The developers have acknowledged the need for ongoing adjustments to maintain a healthy gaming experience for all players. While the details of the upcoming balancing changes were not disclosed, the community has voiced opinions on weapons that may require attention. 

Popular choices include the Pulemyot 762 and WSP Swarm, both of which have gained recognition for their effectiveness in the current meta.

In addition to specific weapon adjustments, some players have called for changes to Sniper Rifles to create a more balanced gameplay experience in Warzone Season 1. Suggestions have included categorizing snipers based on caliber and range to differentiate their capabilities.

Release date and Warzone season 1 reloaded update

Raven Software has indicated that the weapon balancing update is scheduled for “mid-next week,” pointing to a likely release date around January 10 or 11. 

This update coincides with the arrival of Warzone Season 1 Reloaded, which promises to introduce further buffs, nerfs, and new weapons that will once again redefine the game’s meta.

As players eagerly await these changes, the Warzone community is anticipating a more balanced and diverse gameplay experience in the near future. 

Raven Software’s commitment to addressing player concerns demonstrates its dedication to maintaining Warzone as a competitive and engaging gaming platform.

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