Upcoming Games on the Sui Blockchain


  • Five innovative games are launching on the Sui Blockchain, changing the gaming landscape.
  • From MOBA to farming, these games offer unique experiences and NFT ownership.
  • Players can expect immersive gameplay, social interaction, and value creation through NFTs.

The gaming world is evolving. With the Sui Blockchain, five new games are set to change how we play. These games mix the latest blockchain tech with fun gameplay. Let’s explore these games.

E4C: Final Salvation – A New MOBA Adventure

E4C: Final Salvation is changing the MOBA game scene. Made by Ambrus Studios, it’s fast and lets players own their game items as NFTs. You can fight, collect items, and trade them. Its earlier version, E4C: Fallen Arena, is out now for a sneak peek.

Pebble City – Where Games Meet Social

Pebble City combines gaming with socializing in a casino setting. Each casino has a story, making it more than just a game. It’s a place to meet, play, and explore different themes and games.

The Walking Dead Lands – Survive the Zombie World

Based on the famous TV show, The Walking Dead Lands is a shooter game where you fight zombies. It looks great and feels real, thanks to Unreal Engine. It’s a must-try for action lovers.

Cosmocadia – Build Your Paradise

Cosmocadia is a peaceful farming game. Work with others to build a beautiful island. Use your NFT avatars to complete tasks and make your island better. It’s a game for creativity and relaxation.

BRICK POP – Break Bricks, Earn NFTs

BRICK POP is a fun arcade game by ONBUFF. Use balls to break bricks and score high. What’s new? Your game turns into a unique NFT, making playing more rewarding.


These five games on the Sui Blockchain are making gaming more fun and rewarding. They use blockchain to let players own part of the game. From action to farming to socializing, there’s something for everyone. Get ready for a new gaming experience.

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Shummas is an aspiring Web 3.0 developer and a technical research writer interested in renewable energy, blockchain, and cybersecurity. He also enjoys coffee and gaming in his free time.

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