Unveiling mysterious AI-generated images in Netflix documentary

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  • Netflix documentary “What Jennifer did” is one where AI created or altered images.
  • As we take a closer look, several strange things appear in the images.
  • A portion of the pictures themselves are even in the promotional materials.

Netflix documentary “What Jennifer did” is one where AI created or altered images of the daughter or killer for some reason. Jennifer Pan another 24-year-old girl, instructed the two contract killers to invade her family home in Toronto in November 2010 and take the lives of her mother Bich Ha and father Huei Hann under a $10,000.

AI artifacts or genuine photographs?

The escape of her father from a homemade staged gunning incident and his fleeing to a neighbor’s place made the police investigation more thorough and evidence was produced against her which led to her sentencing to life imprisonment with parole after 25 years and her murder conviction, as well as of the murderers, was withdrawn.

She appeared in the much-talked-about series recently, but certain discerning viewers or online investigators made remarks about the only grainy and cropped image that was part of the show. This documentary offers three photos of the sophomore student in the red dress looking happy. It’s possible that the photos were taken from the party or celebration she had.

Source: Netflix

On the other hand, as we take a closer look, several strange things appear in the images, many of which are clichés often seen in AI work. The authoritative identity of the person who composed it is unknown. Netflix has not commented on this issue, which can be unsettling for users who prefer privacy.

A portion of the pictures themselves are even in the promotional materials for the documentation, as one side of the onscreen split with the laughing arraignment picture.

Unraveling the deception

In this manner, her deformed giant front tooth, which is unnatural and definitely unkempt, is so striking that it is like catching fire, and you instantly become so attentive to it. It is subtle at first, but it is pretty clear as the story progresses that Pan’s ears are oddly shaped, and she has earrings that do not appear to match.

Scrolling again to another picture, it appears she’s wide-open smiling and gracing two Vs for victory signs with her hand gestures – thus reinforcing another obvious oversight. By AI, the hand is notorious for missing fingers with finger parts, or the hand is a claw-like human.

The image of Pan with his left hand is severely disfigured. The whole hand only shows the spot of two fingers resembling the mangled stump together with the amputated finger pointing upwards.

Her right hand is credible at a glance, but in the middle of the palm, she has a badly mangled finger and lack of folds. Other problems with this photo are her facial features: her nostrils are absent, her badly done left cheek, her shoulder is not at its place, her arm has incredibly unfamiliar and strange folds, and her background is weird.

An additional photo showing the Pan with the tongue out is blessed, but not completely through with those AI signs well. It is still unknown if the images were reimagined from scratch using earlier photos that served as a reference to Pan or artificially produced art only through AI.

One photographer suggested that the images could have relied on either real photos or images painted badly by AI to result in such clear TV coverage.

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