Unstoppable introduces instant messaging for crypto holders

Unstoppable introduces instant messaging for crypto holders

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  • Unstoppable Domains introduces encrypted messaging for Web3 usernames.
  • Messaging extends crypto username use beyond just payments.
  • Built on the XMTP protocol, ensuring encrypted, long-lasting messages.

Gone are the days when crypto was simply about trading, buying, or storing digital coins. The crypto world is evolving, and companies like Unstoppable Domains are leading the way.

The latest introduction from the firm? An encrypted messaging system tailored for crypto users with Web3 usernames, bridging a gap that many hadn’t even realized existed.

Broadening the Crypto Horizon: Beyond Just Payments

Web3 usernames are no newbies in the digital space. Since 2017, crypto enthusiasts have benefited from these usernames, making the arduous task of remembering long alphanumeric crypto addresses a thing of the past.

Remembering a labyrinthine string like 0xd8dA6BF26964aF9D7eEd9e03E53415D37aA96045? Impossible. But “Jai.eth”? That’s more like it. This evolution has primarily catered to payments.

Until now.

It seems that Unstoppable isn’t just content with being a part of the status quo. It’s keen on pushing boundaries. While crypto usernames have simplified transactions, few have dared to envision their use beyond payments.

Now, imagine using these usernames for messaging! Sounds ludicrous? Think again. Coinbase Wallet paved the way when they introduced an instant messaging system in July. Users could send messages using their unique .eth or .cb.id usernames.

Not just that, their system also melded seamlessly with the Lens social media protocol, thanks to the shared XMTP or extensible message transport protocol.

However, one glaring omission was the inability to accommodate usernames registered through Unstoppable Domains. That limitation has been taken head-on and effectively squashed.

Cryptocurrency users with .crypto or .polygon and other UD-registered domains can now message with ease.

Integration and Collaboration: The Path Forward

Cryptocurrency has always been about decentralized, seamless integration. This spirit is palpably evident in Unstoppable’s endeavors.

The messaging feature, built on the XMTP protocol, guarantees encryption and ensures that user conversations remain intact even if, hypothetically, Unstoppable were to close shop.

“No matter what the future holds for Unstoppable, your messages are yours,” the company bluntly points out.

The road ahead looks promising. Unstoppable is gearing up for an integration with the Push Protocol. What does this mean for the users? They can opt to get notifications from various Web3 projects. These projects will have the facility to reach out to users via Unstoppable’s platform.

Earlier this year, Unstoppable Domains also showcased its collaborative spirit. Its partnership with Binance.US is proof of that. Crypto users can now register names that end in .BinanceUS.

Moreover, putting aside competitive rivalries, Unstoppable called a détente with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) in July. This collaboration permits the sale of ENS .eth names in the Unstoppable store, marking a new era of cooperation.

Unstoppable’s stride into instant messaging isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a testament to the potential of the crypto universe. This isn’t just about a single company’s vision. It’s about the ever-expanding horizon of the crypto ecosystem.

However, it’s imperative to remain vigilant and critical as these platforms continue to grow, ensuring they maintain the high standards and transparency that users demand. The future is, indeed, unstoppable.

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