Unlocking the FIFA 24 Squad Battles Glitch for Tactical Gaming Advantage

Squad Battles
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  • FIFA 24 Squad Battles glitch offers a tactical edge.
  • Winning isn’t guaranteed, but smart play matters.
  • Annual gaming traditions persist in EA Sports FIFA series.

Every year, the FIFA gaming community eagerly anticipates the release of the latest title, but with each new edition comes a tradition that’s as predictable as the changing of the seasons: the discovery of Squad Battles glitches. This year, in the world of EA Sports FIFA 24, players have, once again, unveiled a workaround that provides them with a unique advantage in facing the game’s AI-controlled opponents.

As the new title has been in players’ hands for several weeks on both the PlayStation and Xbox platforms, gamers have already found a way to beat the system. In this article, we delve into the latest Squad Battles glitch, which allows players to partake in thrilling three-on-three matches, thereby making it easier to secure victories even on the most challenging difficulty settings.

Decoding the 3v3 advantage

To embark on this glitch, you must navigate away from the Ultimate Team mode, as the glitch is specific to a different game mode. The following steps will guide you on how to gain the upper hand:

Choose Your Side: First, exit the Ultimate Team mode and, on the home screen, select “Kick-Off.” It doesn’t matter which side you choose at this point; what comes next is what truly counts.

Enter VOLTA Mode: This critical step entails selecting the “VOLTA Match” option and then picking “3v3 Rush.” This action serves as the portal to the glitch.

Play a Little: Once inside the 3v3 Rush game, initiate the kick-off and spend a brief period enjoying some gameplay. It’s essential to note that VOLTA mode typically sees fewer players, making this an excellent opportunity to give it a try.

Pause and Exit: After having fun with the VOLTA game, or after a minute or so, unless you’re genuinely relishing it, pause the game and select to quit. This action will return you to the home screen.

Return to Ultimate Team: Now, you’re back in the Ultimate Team mode, and you’re on the cusp of completing the glitch. Open “Squad Battles” and select the team you wish to compete against. This is the point at which you can choose the difficulty level that suits your preferences.

3v3 Squad Battles: The culmination of this glitch reveals a sight to behold. On the Squad Battles screen, you’ll be greeted with a team photo that features only a goalkeeper, a center-back, and a right-back. It’s an amusing and peculiar image that signals the successful activation of the glitch.

The 3v3 Challenge: Once you’re in the game, you’ll find yourself in a genuine three-versus-three match. Although it may sound easier in theory, it can be surprisingly challenging. Losing possession of the ball can quickly lead to devastating counter-attacks from the AI opponents.

It’s crucial to note that this glitch does not guarantee automatic victory. However, with strategic and clever gameplay, it significantly enhances your chances of emerging victorious, even on the toughest difficulty settings.

The FIFA gaming universe remains an exciting and ever-evolving space, where players continually discover inventive ways to gain a competitive edge. The 3v3 Squad Battles glitch in EA Sports FIFA 24 offers an exciting twist, introducing new strategic elements to confront formidable AI opponents. As the gaming community continues to evolve, such glitches serve as temporary advantages that contribute to the dynamic and exhilarating world of virtual soccer.

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