Uniswap Foundation proposes governance upgrade, UNI token sees surge


  • Uniswap Foundation proposes a governance upgrade, which ignites community interest.
  • Uniswap Labs vs. Foundation, spotlighting the proposal’s importance.
  • UNI token surges post-proposal, reflecting increased investor attention.

The Uniswap Foundation has proposed a proposal to enhance the governance structure of the Uniswap Protocol, sparking significant interest within the community. The proposal, introduced by Erin Koen, Uniswap Foundation’s governance lead, seeks to incentivize active delegation to bolster the resilience and decentralization of the foundation.

Differentiation of Uniswap Labs and Uniswap Foundation

Colin Wu, a prominent Chinese crypto reporter, elucidated key distinctions between Uniswap Labs and Uniswap Foundation in a recent blog post on his Wu Blockchain page. While Uniswap Labs operates as a commercial entity, focusing on various commercial activities, Uniswap Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to governing the Uniswap protocol and fostering community development. Notably, the proposal in question was submitted by Uniswap Foundation, with no official response from Uniswap Labs as of yet.

Wu further provided insights into the estimated fee distribution among UNI token holders, highlighting the potential earnings for holders arising from Uniswap’s annualized Liquidity Provider (LP) fee. With an approximate annual LP fee of $626 million, UNI token holders stand to gain between $62.62 million to $156.5 million in annual dividends, should the proposal be accepted.

Devin Walsh, Executive Director of Uniswap Foundation, emphasized the proposal’s potential to invigorate governance in the short term while ensuring the long-term success and resilience of the protocol. According to Walsh, incentivizing active delegation is crucial for the sustainability of the protocol over time.

Market reaction and UNI token performance

Following the proposal’s announcement, the UNI token experienced a notable surge, climbing by over 40% from $7.24 to $10.22. Despite a slight decline of 4.36% in the 24 hours following the surge, the UNI token continues demonstrating strong performance, currently trading at $10.60 with a weekly gain of 41.3%.

Notably, during the surge, a wallet holding 5.44 million UNI tokens sold 90,000 tokens for $1.03 million, indicating increased activity and investor interest surrounding the UNI token amidst discussions regarding governance upgrades.

The proposal put forth by the Uniswap Foundation to upgrade the Uniswap Protocol’s governance has elicited significant attention within the crypto community. With insights from Colin Wu shedding light on the dynamics between Uniswap Labs and Uniswap Foundation and analysis into fee distribution and long-term sustainability, stakeholders closely monitor the proposal’s developments.

While the ultimate acceptance and passage of the proposal remain uncertain, the recent surge in the UNI token’s value underscores the market’s reaction to potential governance enhancements. As discussions unfold and stakeholders weigh in on the proposal’s implications, the future trajectory of the Uniswap Protocol and its governance structure will continue to be closely watched by the broader crypto ecosystem.

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