Unibot Core Team Embarks on a New Chapter in Solana Deployment


  • The Unibot Core Team has decided to take control of its Solana operations, moving away from an external team due to issues with transparency and ethical practices, aligning future deployments with its core values of security, honesty, and community trust.
  • By forging a new partnership for its Solana bot and focusing on in-house development, Unibot aims to enhance user experience with a commitment to zero fees for the first month, setting a new standard for transparency and security in the DeFi space.




In a pivotal move that underscores its commitment to integrity and user trust, the Unibot Core Team has announced a strategic shift in its approach to deploying Unibot on the Solana blockchain. The decision, driven by a series of operational and ethical considerations, marks a significant departure from the team’s previous collaboration with an external group responsible for Unibot’s Solana operations. 

The core team’s resolve to realign its operations with its foundational values of transparency, security, and honesty heralds a new era for Unibot and its dedicated community.

Realigning with foundational values

The Unibot Core Team’s decision to sever ties with the external Solana deployment team is not one taken lightly. It stems from a profound commitment to uphold the project’s core values, which serve as the bedrock of its relationship with the community. The request for the external group to change its name and fulfill its financial obligations to Unibot holders reflects the core team’s dedication to transparency and accountability. The move is a clear statement that Unibot stands for more than just technological innovation; it embodies a commitment to ethical conduct and community respect.

The issues leading to the decision, including unauthorized launches and a refusal to comply with standard KYC procedures, have highlighted significant gaps in alignment between the external team’s operations and Unibot’s values. These challenges have underscored the necessity for the Unibot Core Team to take decisive action, ensuring that all aspects of Unibot’s deployment on Solana are conducted in a manner that reinforces trust and security for its users.

Unibot Core Team forging ahead with a new partnership

In response to these challenges, the Unibot Core Team is charting a new course by partnering with a yet-to-be-disclosed entity for its proprietary Solana bot. The partnership is poised to redefine the Unibot experience on Solana, prioritizing the security and transparency that are fundamental to the project’s ethos. The forthcoming Solana bot, accessible through the Telegram platform and Unisol-X platform, signifies a strategic pivot towards in-house development and operation, promising a more secure and user-centric platform.

The anticipation surrounding the official launch of the Unibot Solana Official TG Bot and Unisol X is palpable. With the promise of zero fees on Unibot Solana for the first month, the core team is not only demonstrating its commitment to providing value to its users but also its confidence in the new direction. The transition period is a testament to the team’s agility and its unwavering focus on delivering a platform that meets the high standards expected by its community.

A renewed commitment to excellence

The Unibot Core Team’s strategic redirection is a bold affirmation of its dedication to the project’s core values and its community. By taking control of Unibot’s Solana operations, the team is setting a new standard for transparency and security in the DeFi space. The move is expected to bolster user confidence and solidify Unibot’s position as a trusted name in decentralized finance. The introduction of SOL reward tokens directly from the Unibot Core Team further exemplifies the commitment, offering tangible benefits to users and reinforcing the project’s community-centric approach.

Looking forward, the Unibot Core Team’s focus on in-house development and strategic partnerships is poised to usher in a new era of innovation and growth for the project. As Unibot continues to evolve, the core team’s dedication to its foundational values will remain at the forefront of its operations. The community can expect a platform that not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of security, transparency, and user engagement. With these changes, Unibot is well on its way to achieving its vision of becoming a leading force in the DeFi ecosystem, driven by a commitment to excellence and a deep respect for its users.


The Unibot Core Team’s recent announcements represent a significant milestone in the project’s journey. As it embarks on the new chapter, the team’s dedication to its core values and its community is clearer than ever. With a strategic shift towards in-house development and a new partnership for its Solana operations, Unibot

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