UNFPA and Microsoft Join Forces to Enhance Family Planning Access in Nigeria


  • UNFPA and Microsoft partner to use tech for better family planning in Nigeria, potentially preventing 3.5 million pregnancies.
  • Family Planning Hackathon” yields 14 innovative solutions to enhance healthcare access in Nigeria through digital means.
  • Microsoft’s $10 billion investment in AI technologies aims to create a global impact by improving healthcare and family planning access.

To bolster family planning solutions in Nigeria, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has teamed up with the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and Microsoft Teams to explore technological innovations. This strategic partnership aims to leverage digital outreach efforts, providing potential users with informed decisions regarding their health and reproductive well-being. The collaboration, which took place at the Microsoft Office King Towers in Ikoyi, Lagos, was centered around a “Family Planning Hackathon” that generated 14 innovative ideas.

Empowering health outcomes through technology

The UNFPA, in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and Microsoft Teams, is embarking on a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at harnessing technology to boost access to family planning solutions in Nigeria. The overarching goal of this partnership is to enhance health outcomes by deploying digital outreach initiatives to engage potential users and empower them with comprehensive information about their health and reproductive options.

Esther Somefun, a Gender and Reproductive Health analyst at UNFPA, emphasized the organization’s commitment to using technology and innovation to create sustainable solutions tailored to the needs of the Nigerian population. She explained, “We are looking for ideas and adaptations that can work in our society based on our experiences and successful models. Access to family planning information and services is crucial, as studies have shown that 3.5 million pregnancies could be avoided.”

UNFPA has adopted a 6 by 6 framework that recognizes technology and innovation as catalysts for reducing maternal mortality and improving family planning access. This initiative seeks to make a significant impact on the Nigerian healthcare landscape.

Microsoft’s pioneering investment in AI for global impact

Nkem Nweke, the Innovation Team Lead at Microsoft’s African Development Centre (ADC), emphasized the tech giant’s commitment to creating AI solutions that address global challenges, including improving access to modern family planning. Microsoft has invested substantially, exceeding $10 billion, in open AI and Chatgpt technologies to advance these goals.

Nweke highlighted the potential of AI and open AI in solving a wide array of global problems, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts between NGOs, government entities, medical experts, and industry players. By joining forces, these stakeholders can develop inclusive solutions that have the potential to transform Africa’s economy and provide innovative ideas and solutions for global markets.

Innovative ideas emerge at the “Family Planning Hackathon”

The “Family Planning Hackathon,” held at the Microsoft Office King Towers in Ikoyi, Lagos, served as a platform for creative minds to propose innovative solutions to improve family planning access in Nigeria. Fourteen groundbreaking ideas emerged from this event, offering promising avenues to address the nation’s pressing healthcare challenges.

These ideas encompass a range of technological innovations designed to enhance family planning services, including mobile applications, telehealth platforms, and data-driven approaches to target specific populations effectively. The diverse set of solutions demonstrates the potential of technology to revolutionize healthcare delivery in Nigeria and beyond.

The partnership between the UNFPA, the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, and Microsoft Teams marks a significant step towards leveraging technology to enhance family planning access in Nigeria. With a focus on digital outreach and informed decision-making, this collaboration promises to improve health outcomes and reduce maternal mortality. Microsoft’s substantial investment in open AI and Chatgpt technologies underscores the commitment to finding innovative solutions to global challenges, including access to modern family planning. As these efforts gain momentum, the future looks brighter for healthcare in Nigeria, with the potential to serve as a model for other regions striving to address similar healthcare disparities.

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