Understanding web authentication using the Blockchain

Web Authentication is being created on the blockchain technology as the rate of private information theft is rising globally. The web community is turning towards the OAuth 2.0 protocol for web authentication. Using this method is very suitable for the execution of the task and security, but it comes with a risk to the user.

If a situation occurs where the user’s main account is damaged or compromised, user will certainly lose all the information and data on that account. There are no ways to retrieve it, there the measure for security purposes becomes a constraint.

To access the services of platforms like Google, Facebook, etc., the user has to give up their real identity for example real name, age, and location. These services are useful, and many are willing to fulfill the conditions without a second thought, but it is essential to remember that when stolen this same information can be used to access bank accounts and wallets. So this creates a paradox. But this can be solved with new blockchain technology.

The blockchain technology’s uses are not limited to just the financial sector, but it can be integrated into a variety of fields. The blockchain technology is slowly being integrated into the new web authentication security environment, but it is still in its early stages and requires a lot of trial and error

The blockchain is reliable because it can do the job efficiently with just one digital identity that can not be modified once in the system. This can be done by using a decentralized network like Ethereum. In a situation where the user has lost the identity key then they will never be able to access the things they signed up for using that key. In such a scenario if a hacker manages to find that key, he can gain access to all of those functions that the initial user had signed up for.

The initial user can also not get a new identity afterward since the blockchain system is decentralized and non-modifiable. If a solution to this strict system is managed, then the web authentication system may turn to the blockchain technology globally.

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