UK Workers Prefer Human Interaction Over AI in Job Searches


  • Most UK workers prefer talking to humans, not machines, when they hunt for jobs, says a new survey by Robert Half.
  • Younger folks, aged 18-34, prefer humans a bit less, but many still think talking to people is essential during job searches.
  • Many UK workers don’t see AI making big changes to their jobs, and only a few expect AI to transform their work by 2024.

A recent survey conducted by the specialist recruitment firm, Robert Half, has uncovered a significant preference among UK workers for human interaction over Artificial Intelligence (AI) when it comes to searching for new job opportunities. With 70% of respondents favoring the human touch, the findings reveal a clear inclination towards traditional methods in a world increasingly driven by AI.

Human interaction tops AI

In a straightforward and unequivocal result, the survey reveals that 70% of UK workers express a distinct preference for human interaction when navigating the job market. Of this majority, 36% indicate a strong desire to deal exclusively with human contacts throughout their job-seeking journey. Another 34% recognize the role of AI but insist on the continued importance of human involvement in the process.

Generational differences

The survey also uncovers notable generational differences in attitudes towards AI. Among the younger demographic, aged 18-34, a quarter expressed a preference for dealing only with humans, while 43% still emphasize the necessity of human interaction in the recruitment process. In contrast, 40% of those aged 35-54 and 49% of respondents over 55 lean more towards the exclusive use of human contacts.

UK workers sees limited impact of AI

Surprisingly, a significant portion of UK workers, around 35%, do not perceive any significant impact of AI on their current roles and do not anticipate any changes in the coming year. A mere 9% believe that AI will streamline their roles by reducing administrative tasks through automation technology. Only 3% foresee a complete transformation in their work due to AI advancements in 2024.

Kris Harris’s perspective

Kris Harris, Regional Director, UK Technology Solutions at Robert Half, highlights the enduring value of human interaction in job seeking. Harris acknowledges the potential of AI for process optimization and automation but emphasizes the continued need for human subjective reasoning in many areas. The UK workforce, it seems, still views job-seeking as a fundamentally human experience.

Harris further explains that the modern workforce perceives the workplace not just as a means to earn a living but as an environment embodying shared values, beliefs, and purpose. This perspective makes the job-seeking and career-building process deeply personal and subjective, which cannot be entirely reliant on AI.

Workers Union’s message

The Workers Union underscores the importance of understanding these preferences for employers and recruitment firms. Aligning their strategies and processes with the human-centric needs of today’s workforce is crucial for success.

The survey conducted by Robert Half reflects the prevalent preference among UK workers for human interaction over AI in their job searches. While AI may have its advantages, the human touch remains paramount in the eyes of the workforce. Generational differences underline the complexity of these preferences, and it’s clear that the value of human interaction endures in an increasingly AI-driven world.

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