UBS Predicts AI Industry will Reach USD 420 Billion in Revenues by 2027


  • In 2023, “Magnificent Seven” tech stocks soared 48–249%, outshining the market, driven by AI. UBS predicts the AI industry will hit $420 billion by 2027.
  • UBS remains bullish on AI investments in 2024, citing tech giants’ pivotal roles; the semiconductor and software industries are best poised for growth.
  • Analysts anticipate a 15x surge in AI revenues by 2027, driven by demand surpassing expectations and increased transparency in AI infrastructure spending.

In a remarkable turn of events, the year 2023 witnessed the stellar performance of the “Magnificent Seven” US technology stocks, boasting gains ranging from 48% to an impressive 249%. These companies, integral to the development and widespread application of artificial intelligence (AI), outshined the broader market as the S&P 500 Index closed with a 24.2% price return.

The magnificent seven’s dominance

The tech sector’s behemoths, often collectively referred to as the Magnificent Seven, have solidified their dominance, with their stocks significantly outperforming the market. Investors are now eyeing the sustainability of this AI-driven success in 2024, pondering potential headwinds such as a slower practical implementation of AI or a strategic shift in portfolios.

UBS’s optimistic outlook

Despite these considerations, UBS remains optimistic about the enduring investment case for AI and related entities. The renowned financial institution believes that not only will the investment outlook for AI persist, but it will also strengthen in 2024. The pivotal roles played by these technology giants in AI development position them favorably to continue driving innovation, efficiency, and profitability in the tech sector.

Projected industry revenues skyrocket

UBS Chief Investment Officer Americas expresses confidence in the continued growth of the AI industry, projecting industry revenues to reach USD 420 billion by 2027. This forecast suggests a staggering 72% annual growth rate, marking a fifteenfold increase in just five years. Analysts argue that this unprecedented growth can be attributed to a demand for AI that surpasses initial expectations and improved transparency regarding company expenditures on AI infrastructure.

Factors influencing the growth

The projected 15x growth in AI revenues from 2022 to 2027 aligns with historical trends observed in earlier computing cycles, including mainframe, PC, and smartphone shipments. Analysts believe that these trends, coupled with an unanticipated surge in demand for AI, contribute to the optimistic outlook. Improved transparency regarding companies’ investments in AI infrastructure also plays a crucial role in fostering investor confidence.

Strong emphasis on semiconductor and software industries

When it comes to translating these positive projections into portfolio strategies, UBS suggests that the semiconductor and software industries emerge as the best vehicles. With a combined market capitalization exceeding USD 10 trillion, these industries are poised to capitalize on the strong and improving visibility for AI. The intricate connection between AI and the semiconductor and software sectors positions them as prime beneficiaries of the AI industry’s growth trajectory.

A robust future for AI investments

In conclusion, the outlook for AI investments appears robust as the Magnificent Seven tech giants continue to lead the charge in the tech sector. UBS’s optimistic forecast of USD 420 billion in AI industry revenues by 2027 underscores the belief in sustained and accelerated growth. Investors, buoyed by historical trends and increased transparency, are expected to continue embracing AI-related entities in their portfolios, with the semiconductor and software industries being touted as the prime vehicles for capitalizing on the AI boom.

As 2024 unfolds, all eyes will be on these tech titans and the broader AI landscape, eagerly anticipating whether the predicted growth materializes and propels the industry to new heights. The intersection of technology, finance, and innovation promises an exciting journey for investors navigating the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

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