Uber to offer Bitcoin BTC collateral in up coming IPO

The main goal of the cryptocurrencies and the technology itself was to be integrated into the major field like the financial field. Ethereum and Bitcoin have always had the visions of being advanced enough to be integrated into society on a major scale.

WCX is a leading Bitcoin trading exchange that wants to help make this vision come true. WCX has recently made an announcement regarding this plan.

The announcement states that on May 10th the customers of WCX will be able to manage Uber stocks with the help of Bitcoin during the Initial Public Offering.

The announcement also stated that the initial public offering is said to increase the company’s value to a hefty ninety billion dollars ($90B).

Even though the company has not made any profits yet its current promises pose a bright future for it.

The CEO of the Uber is currently paying special attention to reinventing Uber’s image and increasing trust.

Uber is also planning on expanding its range of influence by integrating itself into the food delivery business and also by providing self-driving cars.

Bitcoin will be used as collateral to predict the future movement of the Uber stocks according to the announcement.

WCX is doing its best to help its users make the right decision. WCX is informing the users that if a stock is likely to increase than it is preferable to go along with BTC and if not then it is wiser to go short.

Such type of activity being associated with Bitcoin is going to help with reputation building and price levels. As of now, Bitcoin has endured damage because of the Binance hack incident.

It is not rare to see Uber stepping into the crypto field as it has proved itself to be a very progressive company