UAE Unveils Indigenous AI Model for Climate Insight

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  • UAE introduces AI model for climate understanding, showcasing local innovation in tackling global environmental issues.
  • The homegrown model aims to bridge technological gaps, contributing international insights, and reinforcing the UAE’s commitment to sustainability.
  • UAE’s dedicated AI solution demonstrates a proactive approach, marking a significant step in its global role for climate intelligence.

The Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) has unveiled the world’s first bilingual Large Language Model (LLM) dedicated to climate intelligence, named Jais Climate. Developed through a collaboration between the university and Core42, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi-based technology holding company G42, Jais Climate is poised to make a significant impact just days before the Cop28 conference in Dubai.

Jais Climate, a specialized LLM focused on climate, sustainability, and Cop28, is a testament to the partnership’s commitment to advancing artificial intelligence for addressing critical global challenges. The model encompasses 1.4 million climate-related instructions, leveraging ClimaInstruct, the largest bilingual instruction-based dataset on climate and sustainability-related topics. This development marks a pivotal moment in the intersection of technology and environmental consciousness.

Empowering users with climate knowledge

LLMs have been instrumental in the proliferation of artificial intelligence, transforming the way users access information and automate tasks. Jais Climate, with its extensive training, offers a unique opportunity for users to gain insights into climate-related issues before and during the Cop28 conference. Andrew Jackson, Core42’s Executive Vice President and Chief AI Officer, highlighted the model’s user-friendly nature, citing positive feedback from his children who found it instrumental in their schoolwork.

A notable concern with LLMs has been the potential language bias, particularly towards English. Jais Climate, following in the footsteps of its predecessor Jais, an open-source bilingual Arabic-English model, addresses this issue. By incorporating Arabic into the AI mainstream, the model aims for increased accuracy and accessibility. The launch of Jais Climate ensures that climate data is easily accessible to over 274 million Arabic and 1.4 billion English speakers worldwide, fostering a more inclusive and diverse approach to climate intelligence.

Jais climate’s role in Cop28

With the Cop28 conference on the horizon, Jais Climate is poised to play a crucial role. Not only does it offer a repository of climate information in real-time, but it also pledges to provide continuous updates, focusing on science-based fact-checking and dispelling potential misconceptions. This commitment reflects the model’s dedication to staying current with new developments during the conference and beyond.

Timothy Baldwin, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Professor of Natural Language Processing at MBZUAI, expressed the significance of Jais Climate as a gift to the global community. As the UAE hosts Cop28, the model is positioned to empower millions with a deeper understanding of complex climate issues. Eric Xing, President of MBZUAI, emphasized the role of advanced technology and scientific research in shaping sustainable solutions for the future.

A technological beacon for climate understanding

The unveiling of Jais Climate stands as a technological beacon, shedding light on the intersection of artificial intelligence and climate intelligence. Its bilingual capabilities, commitment to real-time updates during Cop28, and user-friendly design position it as a valuable tool in the global discourse on climate change. As the world looks towards the Cop28 conference, Jais Climate offers a unique opportunity for individuals and communities to enhance their understanding of climate-related issues, contributing to a more informed and sustainable future.

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