U.K. Parliament greenlights online safety bill, extending regulations to the metaverse

U.K. Parliament greenlights online safety bill, extending regulations to the metaverseU.K. Parliament greenlights online safety bill, extending regulations to the metaverse

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  • The U.K. Parliament has passed the Online Safety Bill, which now extends its regulations to the metaverse, aiming to protect users from illegal and harmful content.
  • Companies are required to assess and mitigate risks of users encountering such content, with a focus on both online freedom and safety.
  • The bill awaits royal assent from King Charles and will take effect immediately unless specified otherwise, marking a significant step in internet governance.

On Tuesday, the U.K. Parliament passed the Online Safety Bill, a comprehensive framework designed to protect internet users from encountering illegal or harmful content. 

Notably, the bill has been extended to cover the metaverse, a collective of virtual worlds that has gained significant traction following Facebook’s rebranding to Meta. The legislation mandates companies to assess and mitigate the risks of users, especially children, coming across harmful or illegal material online.

The metaverse under the legislative lens

The inclusion of the metaverse in the Online Safety Bill marks a significant step in regulating emerging technologies. Lord Stephen Parkinson, a member of the Parliament’s upper house and minister at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, emphasized that the bill was crafted to be “technology neutral and future-proofed.” 

This ensures that the legislation can adapt to evolving technologies, thereby maintaining its relevance in a rapidly changing digital landscape. The move comes as policymakers recognize the growing influence of the metaverse and the need for regulatory measures to ensure user safety within these virtual spaces.

The bill outlines specific requirements for companies to evaluate the likelihood of users encountering illegal or harmful content and to develop strategies to mitigate these risks. This dual focus aims to strike a balance between enhancing online freedom and ensuring safety, as stated in a government press release. Companies failing to comply with these regulations could face stringent penalties, thereby incentivizing a proactive approach to online safety.

The legislation has undergone rigorous debate since its introduction last March, particularly concerning its scope and the balance it seeks to achieve between freedom and safety. The bill’s passage signifies a consensus among lawmakers on the necessity of such a regulatory framework, especially in the context of new and emerging digital platforms like the metaverse.

The final step for the bill’s enactment involves approval from King Charles. Once granted, the bill will come into force immediately unless a later date is specified. This adds another layer of urgency to the legislation, underlining the government’s commitment to promptly address the challenges posed by the digital age.

In summary, the U.K.’s Online Safety Bill represents a landmark in digital legislation, setting a precedent for how governments can regulate online spaces, including emerging technologies like the metaverse. By requiring companies to assess and mitigate risks, the bill aims to create a safer and more responsible digital environment for all users. Its passage marks a significant step toward a more secure and accountable online world, potentially influencing global internet governance in the years to come. 

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