Twitch announces plans to cease operations in South Korea


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  • Twitch has announced plans to cease services in South Korea citing several issues.
  • Broader trends in the network operating environment.

Twitch, a prominent video streaming service, has recently announced its decision to terminate operations in South Korea by February 27. The move comes as a result of the platform deeming the costs of maintaining a presence in one of the world’s largest esports markets as excessively high.

Twitch CEO blames operating costs for the decision

In a blog post, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy detailed the considerable efforts the company undertook to mitigate network costs, including experimenting with a peer-to-peer model and reducing streaming quality to 720p resolution. Despite these measures, operating in South Korea remained ten times more expensive than in most other countries, rendering the business unsustainable. This decision by Twitch underscores the broader challenges faced by content providers in dealing with the intricacies of various markets, particularly concerning regulatory environments and cost structures.

South Korea’s high internet fees have been a contentious issue, leading to legal disputes, such as the case where streaming giant Netflix unsuccessfully sued a local broadband supplier to avoid paying usage charges. The court ruled in favor of the broadband supplier, highlighting the complexities content providers face in navigating local regulations and network costs. Twitch’s experience in South Korea is not isolated, as telecom operators in different markets, including India, are advocating for content providers to share the burden of network costs.

In India, the second-largest wireless market globally, telecom operators have proposed that internet companies compensate them for network usage. This trend reflects a broader shift in the relationship between content providers and telecom operators, with discussions around who should bear the costs of delivering data over these networks becoming increasingly prevalent. The esports scene in South Korea is internationally renowned, with professional gaming deeply ingrained in the culture.

Broader trends in the network operating environment

Top players enjoy celebrity status, and over half of the country’s 50 million population are esports enthusiasts. South Korea has consistently dominated competitive gaming, hosting multiple major tournaments annually, particularly in titles like Starcraft and League of Legends. Twitch, having amassed a substantial user base in South Korea, was a popular platform for esports enthusiasts and content creators alike. Clancy expressed disappointment in the decision to withdraw from South Korea.

He acknowledged the country’s special role in the international esports community. While Twitch is grateful for the communities built on its platform in South Korea, the economic challenges and unsustainable operating costs ultimately led to this difficult decision. The platform’s experience in South Korea serves as a case study for other content providers navigating the delicate balance between delivering content sustainably and contending with the unique challenges posed by individual markets.

As streaming services continue to evolve, the landscape of online content delivery undergoes significant transformations. The delicate balance between meeting the demands of local regulations, addressing high operating costs, and maintaining a viable business model becomes increasingly crucial. Twitch’s decision to exit South Korea highlights the ongoing challenges in the ever-changing realm of digital content delivery, where platforms must adapt to diverse market conditions to ensure sustainable operations.

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