Trump Disputes Altered Golfing Images


  • Trump says fake news made him look heavier in golf photos using AI. 
  • An investigation showed the photo was edited, not AI-generated, combining Trump’s head with golfer John Daly’s body. 
  • Daly supports Trump’s return to politics, recalling a ’90s prediction Trump made about becoming president.

Former president Donald Trump has publicly denounced what he claims to be manipulated images of him golfing. These images, according to the former US president, were altered to make him appear heavier. His accusations came amidst a significant legal ruling in New York, where Justice Arthur Engoron imposed a $355 million fine against him.

The accusation, investigation and findings

On social media, the former president attacked the alleged use of artificial intelligence by the media to distort his image. He argued that these alterations were a deliberate attempt by his opponents to tarnish his image. To counter the claims, Trump shared photos of himself playing golf, emphasizing his actual physical appearance. “The Fake News used Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to create the picture on the top left,” He stated, highlighting the difference between the manipulated image and his real-time photos.

Further scrutiny into the controversial image revealed it to be a photoshop manipulation. The photo is inaccurately presenting Trump’s physique by superimposing his head onto the body of golfer John Daly in a 2017 photo. This discovery pointed towards a misleading representation rather than AI alteration.

A longstanding friendship between Trump and Daly

John Daly is a celebrated golfing figure and a staunch supporter of Trump. He has been vocal in his support for the former president’s return to politics. Their friendship, marked by numerous golf rounds, reflects a bond beyond the sport. Daly’s endorsement of Trump for the 2024 presidential race highlights his belief in Trump’s leadership and vision for the country.

An intriguing aspect of Trump and Daly’s relationship is a conversation from the early ’90s. According to Daly, Trump predicted his future presidency. This anecdote adds a personal dimension to the former US president’s political journey. It highlights his long-held aspirations for leadership.

The controversy over the altered images of Trump golfing points to the complexities of public perception in the digital age. While the former US president has countered the narrative by presenting his version of the truth, the incident raises questions about the integrity of information in the era of AI and photoshop. As the line between real and manipulated content blurs, the need for critical evaluation of media becomes ever more crucial.

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