TrueUSD reassures users of no exposure to Prime Trust amid regulatory challenges


  • TrueUSD stablecoin project assures users of no exposure to Prime Trust as the company faces regulatory challenges.
  • Prime Trust’s sudden suspension of deposits and withdrawals raises concerns, leaving clients’ funds stranded.
  • TUSD’s volatility triggers fluctuations in loan markets, with borrowing rates surging, highlighting the potential for depegging scenarios.

TrueUSD has swiftly moved to restore confidence in its dollar-backed TUSD stablecoin after Nevada-based Prime Trust, a crucial technology partner, faced regulatory hurdles. Prime Trust’s abrupt suspension of all fiat and cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, following state financial regulators’ orders, left many clients stranded and concerned about their funds.

In response to the situation, TrueUSD took to Twitter to reassure its users that it had “no exposure” to Prime Trust. The stablecoin project emphasized that it had diversified its partnerships and maintained “multiple USD rails” elsewhere, ensuring the minting and redemption of TUSD were not affected. TrueUSD’s commitment to the security of users’ funds was emphasized in its statement.

TrueUSD’s quick response aimed to mitigate concerns and demonstrate the stability of the TUSD stablecoin despite the challenges faced by its technology partner.

Volatility and borrowing activity highlight TUSD’s market impact

The recent volatility surrounding TrueUSD, triggered by Prime Trust’s regulatory issues, has sent ripples across loan markets and attracted attention from traders speculating on potential depegging scenarios. However, TUSD has experienced fluctuations, with its value dropping as low as $0.995 and rising as high as $1.003 since June 9, as the financial crisis at Prime Trust began to worsen,

These price movements have impacted loan markets, particularly on Aave v-2, the largest on-chain lending facility for TUSD. According to Parsec, the variable borrow rate for TUSD has soared to over 30% APR, reaching even higher levels earlier in the day. Nonetheless, the rate hike has not deterred traders from placing significant bets on TUSD’s potential depegging.

Just before TrueUSD’s announcement recently, a trader executed a multi-million dollar short on TUSD, borrowing $2 million in the stablecoin against $2.5 million in USDC collateral. Such activities reflect the market’s response to TUSD’s volatility and the potential opportunities it presents for traders.

As TrueUSD seeks to maintain stability and reassure users of the safety of their funds, the borrowing activity surrounding TUSD showcases the market’s reaction to the stablecoin’s price fluctuations and its impact on trading strategies.

Earlier today, Cryptopolitan reported that BitGo canceled its planned acquisition of Prime Trust just two weeks after announcing the deal. Prime Trust has also suspended deposits and withdrawals, leaving customers in limbo.

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