TRON to cooperate with Japanese government against violations

Tron has decided to cooperate with the Japanese Government; in case of any violation of the Japanese laws, a statement released by the Tron Foundation revealed. To collaborate with the Japanese government Tron will assist them in case any Tron D-apps violate Japanese laws and regulations.

The announcement made on Friday suggested that there is a possibility of a ban on gambling D-apps, as the foundation warns the Japanese D-app developers to cease developing them on Tron platform.

The foundation states that they comply strictly with the laws and regulation of Japan and they do not endorse any gambling apps on the Japanese market.

Tron is a centralized blockchain whose design is very similar to EOS, consisting of a number of Block Producers (BP’s); they can easily decide ownership, validity and everything else. Justin Sun, Tron’s Founder, is also a Block Producer.

In Tron, 27 representatives can change the rules, unlike Ethereum where 10,000 nodes have to collaborate for them to be changed. But they do have 1,000 of light nodes, though they do not participate in consensus formation or in viability. In the case of Ethereum, Bitcoin or other decentralized blockchains, they can reject a block if it violates the rules of the code. Tron’s Super Representatives can change ownership and ban a D-app if they want to by voting BP’s out. Authorities can then reach out to Tron or their BP’s.

There is no evidence of Japanese government reaching out to the foundation or what provoked such a statement from the company, with Tron stating D-apps can ban Japanese IP’s.