Tron Jinse Finance Award 2019 recognizes the meteoric rise of Tron


Tron Jinse Finance Award 2019 comes right after the network acquired DLive. Justin Sun’s Tron Network has won this year’s Jinse Finance Award for ‘the most innovative blockchain‘ this year. The award has been granted at the ‘Keeping Pace with the Time’ ceremony that mentioned how Tron network has expanded to new areas helping communities across the globe.

Undoubtedly, Tron has been on an upward trajectory with Justin Sun taking an active part in its everyday activities. Recently, Tron was in the news for its acquisition of blockchain-powered DLive streaming platform. Tron will use DLive to expand the functionality of BitTorrent, another famous product of Justin Sun.

Tron Jinse Finance Award 2019 solidifies Tron position

Tron Jinse Finance Award 2019 symbolises the blockchain networks’ rapid rise amidst a sea of competitors. The title of ‘most innovative public blockchain’ means a lot in current times when the market is flooded with overlapping products and services. In 2018 and 2019, Justin Sun has added numerous partners and acquired important brands that brought unmatched value to the Tron network.

Tron’s 2019 milestones have been drool-worthy! This year, Tron Network has significantly increased the number of DApps available on the platform. Many apps migrated onto Tron due to better features, customer base and services. Active users have also increased this past year massively. Consequently, the platform also saw an increase in the DApp transaction volume.

Tron’s DLive acquisition displays the rising clout of Tron

As soon as Justin Sun announced the acquisition of the DLive streaming platform, the TRX community got excited about the network’s probable expansion plans. Justin Sun confirmed that this latest acquisition would benefit both TRX and Tron, implying that DLive will serve a significant role in the Tron Network.

Soon after, he announced that DLive would migrate to Tron. Furthermore, BLive app of Bittorrent will be merged with DLive. Acquisition of DLive will bring a treasure trove of content to the Tron coffers. The Tron Jinse Finance Award 2019 is merely a confirmation of its increasing blockchain dominance.

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