Trezor hardware wallets integrate support for SOL and SPL tokens


  • Trezor, a web3 hardware wallet manufacturer, has added support for SOL and SPL tokens on its Model T and Safe 3 devices.
  • SOL is Solana’s native token, and SPL is Solana’s token standard, similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20.

Trezor, a prominent web3 hardware wallet manufacturer, has expanded its token support, now accommodating SOL and Solana Program Library (SPL) tokens. This addition enhances the functionality of Trezor’s hardware wallets, the Model T and Safe 3, as announced on the social media platform X.

Trezor’s Safe 3, priced at $79, boasts an additional layer of security with a specialized chip. Meanwhile, the Model T, priced at $179 and equipped with a touchscreen interface, provides a premium user experience. Both devices support over 8,000 coins and tokens, empowering users to seamlessly send, receive, and trade digital assets.

SOL and SPL tokens: An introduction

SOL stands as the native token of the Solana blockchain, while SPL represents the token standard on Solana, akin to Ethereum‘s ERC-20 token standard. This strategic move by Trezor aligns with the growing popularity and momentum observed in Solana’s ecosystem.

Trezor’s decision to incorporate SOL and SPL tokens comes at a time when Solana is experiencing heightened interest, both in terms of trading activity and online searches. According to Coinmarkecap, SOL is currently priced at $86, reflecting an impressive 11.21% increase in the last 24 hours. Over the past two months, Solana’s value has surged by an astounding 266.8%, climbing from approximately $22 in early October.

Notably, the price rally aligns with the increased Google search volume for “Solana,” which surged by 250% between early October and mid-December. This tandem growth in both trading activity and search interest underscores the current vibrancy within the Solana ecosystem.


Trezor’s strategic decision to integrate support for SOL and SPL tokens positions the hardware wallet manufacturer at the forefront of evolving market demands. As Solana continues to gain traction, this move enhances Trezor’s appeal among users seeking secure and versatile storage solutions for their expanding portfolios.

In conclusion, the integration of SOL and SPL token support by Trezor reflects a proactive approach to market trends, solidifying its position as a leading hardware wallet provider. The surge in Solana’s popularity further amplifies the significance of this development, marking a pivotal moment for both Trezor and the broader cryptocurrency community.

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