Tourism; the next big industry for a Blockchain booster injection

Blockchain in oil and gas, blockchain in currency, blockchain in banking, blockchain here and blockchain there. Everyone is talking about blockchain technologies these days and looking to get on the bandwagon.

It doesn’t matter if an industry started getting on the bandwagon out of sheer curiosity like many people who managed to earn millions through Bitcoin but started out of curiosity.

The second case is more pertinent and serious because the serious players have serious uses for the technology and tourism industry on a high not likely to end anytime soon.

Once you see that the industry is flourishing, it is just a matter of time you stumble upon the effectivity and reliability of blockchain technologies as more industries are taking on blockchain solutions for effective operations.

So how can blockchain help the already flourishing trillion dollar industry that makes up around ten percent of the global gross domestic product? That’s huge, isn’t it?

For starters airlines and cruise lines can use the decentralized technology block to effectively track the baggage. That is one of the areas with the highest number of complaints from consumers every year. Baggage is lost all the time, but no one likes to lose their baggage, not even the airline employees.

Blockchain can keep track of the luggage at all times and provide precise location track when needed.

Coupled with some artificial intelligence blockchain can also help airports and airlines provide more secure flights and traveling options through real-time identification solutions. These solutions can pinpoint treats and eliminate before a mishap even begins to happen.

Last but not least is the very obvious payment systems. Once on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies airlines, hotels, and consumers would not need to spend the time they can enjoy at exotic vacation locations at foreign currency exchanges.