Tor project is now accepting cryptocurrency donations

tor project accepts cryptocurrency donations

The Tor digital privacy project is free and open-source software. This software is made for onion routing. It is a technique for anonymous communication over a computer network. The tor project even has its own two browsers. Tor Browser and TorBro. These browsers are mainly used to stay anonymous while bypassing censorship. This can be done by using a fake IP-address.

The Tor privacy software’s website has recently been showing an option through with donors can donate in the form of crypto. Tor recently announced that it will now be accepting donations in the form of crypto. Donation can be made using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, XMR, XLM, REP and Zcash.

Tor’s donation page has the message that says that humans should fight for their right to privacy and freedom. They can do this by keeping websites like Tor secure and strong by making donations to them. Donors can also contact the Tor project to make donations in a cryptocurrency that is not supported by the donation page.

Countries with heavy censorship laws like Russia and China has already banned private browsers like Tor. Similarly, at the start of March, the Finance Committee of France proposed to put a ban on cryptocurrencies like ZEC and XMR that are dubbed as the “privacy cryptocurrencies.”

The Tor and crypto community are related closely because they both have a passion for the decentralization of networks.

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