Top Blockchain Dev Companies in Armenia Help Cultivate Growth and Innovation

In a world increasingly defined by technological advancements, few innovations have captured the imagination, like blockchain technology. With its promise of decentralized, secure, and transparent data management, blockchain has the potential to reshape industries ranging from finance to supply chain management. As the global landscape evolves, a new player has emerged on the blockchain development scene: Armenia. Nestled between Europe and Asia, this nation has been quietly cultivating a robust technology ecosystem, and its prowess in blockchain development is garnering attention.

Armenia’s Tech Landscape

Renowned as a thriving Caucasian nucleus of software development, industrial computing, and electronics, Armenia has carved an indelible niche in Information Technology (IT). This burgeoning sector has emerged as a cornerstone of the Armenian economy, gaining recognition for its consistent growth and innovation.

In line with its reputation as a technology-centric nation, Armenia’s IT sector has experienced remarkable development, propelled by a surge in investments. The Armenian National Statistics Service indicates an impressive 5.3% growth in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in the past year, with an estimated value exceeding $170 million.

A testament to its burgeoning tech ecosystem, the Enterprise Incubator Foundation reveals that the ICT sector embraced over 900 companies in 2019. This substantial figure underscores a consistent annual growth of approximately 10%, signifying an evolving landscape with promise for future technological advancements.

Armenia’s appeal is bolstered by its cost-effectiveness, as the country’s per-hour rates remain remarkably competitive within the region and globally. Priced between $19 to $39 per hour, tech professionals in Armenia command an average monthly salary of $3300. This affordability attracts companies seeking relocation and positions Armenia as a favored destination for labor sourcing.

Navigating Collaboration with Armenian Companies: Essential Considerations

Engaging with a local IT company from Armenia offers many opportunities, yet navigating the partnership with awareness and sensitivity is crucial. Here are key aspects to remember:

Language Bridge

Armenian and Russian serve as predominant languages for communication within Armenia. While English proficiency is widespread among IT professionals, it’s wise to clarify the language of communication upfront to avoid misunderstandings.

Time Zone Dynamics

Armenia operates in the GMT+4 time zone. Factor the time difference when scheduling meetings, setting deadlines, and coordinating project-related activities to ensure seamless collaboration.

Embrace Cultural Nuances

Cultural sensitivity is paramount. Punctuality holds significant importance, with arriving late to meetings considered impolite. Building personal relationships is valued, so invest time fostering connections, as this can enhance your partnership’s effectiveness.

Pursue Excellence in Service

While Armenia’s IT industry flourishes, prudent research is essential. Assess potential partners meticulously, seek references, and ascertain their capability to deliver the desired caliber of service. High-quality service providers abound, but due diligence is vital.

Legal and Fiscal Vigilance

Respect local legal and financial frameworks. Collaborate with local experts to ensure compliance with regulations, tax obligations, and legal formalities. Define payment terms and financial arrangements transparently before project commencement.

Collaborating with Armenian companies holds immense promise but necessitates cultural awareness, effective communication strategies, and due diligence in selecting the right partner. 

The Ease of Launching an IT Business in Armenia

Armenia has actively cultivated a favorable ecosystem for entrepreneurs through impactful governmental initiatives, particularly in the IT domain.

Simplified Registration

Armenia boasts an efficient company registration process, often concluding within a few days. The option of online registration further expedites this procedure.

Tax Advantages

The nation extends enticing tax benefits to IT enterprises, such as a 0% corporate income tax for software development companies and a flat 10% tax rate for other IT entities.

Financial Support

Armenian authorities have introduced dedicated funds to bolster startups and SMEs in the IT realm. The Innovation and Technology Fund and the Enterprise Incubator Foundation exemplify this commitment.

Skilled Workforce

Armenia houses a proficient workforce, notably within the IT sector. Universities nationwide provide robust computer science and engineering programs, aligning with a strong STEM education focus.

Strategic Location

Armenia’s advantageous geographic positioning bridges Europe and Asia, making it an alluring choice for IT enterprises aiming to tap into both markets.

Despite existing challenges in the business climate and the country’s relatively modest market size, Armenia has shown remarkable strides recently. For local entrepreneurs aspiring to establish an IT venture, Armenia emerges as a promising destination, ripe with opportunities.

Top Blockchain Dev Companies in Armenia

Web3Dev | AVS Group 

Since its inception in 2015, AVS Consulting has pioneered crafting tailored blockchain solutions for over 20 distinguished enterprises. The company’s journey has been marked by an expansive market presence spanning DeFi, CeFi, NFTs, and DAOs, as they explore the realm of Web3, exploring its boundless potential.

AVS Consulting boasts a repertoire of ready-made solutions catering to various tasks. Their scope extends across crypto exchanges, NFT marketplaces, financial ecosystems, and DAO platforms. These domains underscore their proficiency in creating impactful solutions that reshape industries.

Their impressive project roster includes “Hawex mobile,” a mobile app facilitating fiat-crypto payments, “DDstable,” the pioneering stablecoin in the UAE, the centralized cryptocurrency exchange “YasiEx,” and the “Chainrunners” 3D NFT collection. The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange “Yoshi.Exchange” (DEX), the digital art creation and collecting platform “DigiCol,” and the game currency exchange “Red Pad Games” contribute to their diverse and innovative endeavors.

Collaborations with partners like Cyberfox, Soft8Soft, Tronic Group, Aimiris, Starbit Innovation, and Coinrate Asset Management further amplify AVS Consulting’s commitment to driving innovation and success.


With a robust legacy spanning over a decade, Codeex has solidified its position as a Yerevan-based tech company, garnering a reputation for growth and excellence. Bolstered by a dynamic team of 70+ members, the company’s expansion is a testament to its steadfast commitment to innovation and quality.

Codeex’s journey has encompassed a diverse spectrum of tech domains. Over the years, they have emerged as leaders in developing cutting-edge products such as Blockchain, Metaverse, decentralized technologies, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, web security, fintech, and communication.

Codeex has notable achievements. With more than ten years of development experience, including 3+ years of focused blockchain expertise, the company exemplifies a deep-rooted commitment to mastering its craft. Their track record includes completing over 20 projects, a testament to their professionalism and competence.


Evacodes is a leading force in Web3 development, profoundly emphasizing blockchain solutions. Their accolades are substantial, including the coveted title of the #1 Blockchain agency by Clutch in 2022. This recognition aligns with their unwavering commitment to exceptional outcomes, as evidenced by a pristine 100% success rate on UPWORK and an impressive 5.0 rating based on over 30 reviews on Clutch.

At its core, Evacodes streamlines time-to-market for clients. The promise of launching a product within two months is boldly on their website. The security of clients’ ideas is paramount, supported by robust NDA protection. Their commitment to excellence extends to their code, which is subjected to meticulous audits by renowned entities like Certik and Hacken.

Evacodes offers a comprehensive array of Web3 development services. These encompass MVP development, enterprise Web3 solutions, and blockchain development. The company takes a partnership-focused approach, guiding clients into the dynamic Web3 world to broaden their market impact.

Their Web3 expertise spans a spectrum, including DeFi, MetaVerse/NFT, Play2Earn/GameFi, Crypto Wallets, DEX, CEX, and EVM. 

Notably, Evacodes also provides DeFi development. They claim prowess in cross-chain DeFi exchanges, DeFi dApps, Wallets, Yield Protocols, Staking Platforms, and Lending and Borrowing Platforms. 


Solicy caters to a global clientele with its Blockchain and Software offerings. The company’s impressive portfolio showcases over 70+ trusted projects, each contributing to the evolution of the innovation landscape. By staying abreast of the latest advancements, Solicy is able to meet the burgeoning demand for blockchain development services.

The array of services Solicy provides is comprehensive, spanning from decentralized exchange (DEX) development to NFT marketplace creation. The company’s expertise extends to prominent Blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, and ATOS, amplifying its versatility.

Their tech stack and services include Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, Cryptocurrency Wallet Development, Smart Contract Development, and NFT Development.

Some notable works include:

  • DAO Maker: Solicy contributed to DAO Maker, a growth technologies provider offering SaaS solutions to emerging and growing crypto startups. Their flagship product, DAO Pad, empowers DAO token holders to engage in early-stage token sales for rigorously vetted upcoming projects, including Orion Protocol, My Neighbor Alice, LaunchX, and DAFI Protocol.
  • Passbase: Solicy partnered with Passbase, offering customizable identification tools encompassing liveness detection, document verification, facial recognition, and more. These tools collectively gauge the authenticity of a user’s identity, enhancing security and trust in online interactions.

Solicy’s prowess in crafting innovative solutions across Blockchain and Software domains underscores its role as a trailblazing force in the technology landscape.

Other notable companies include Blockstars.tech, Exio.tech IMEA Systems, and AR++.

Future Prospects and Collaborative Innovation

As the curtain rises on Armenia’s promising tech future, the featured blockchain development companies are pivotal in shaping its trajectory. Their impact reverberates beyond the present, influencing the course of prospects and collaborative innovation.

Blockchain’s Evolution: With blockchain technology continually evolving, these companies will explore new horizons. From integrating emerging technologies to creating novel use cases, they are at the forefront of ushering in the next era of blockchain advancements.

Cross-Industry Synergies: Collaborative innovation holds the key to unlocking unforeseen potentials. These companies can drive cross-industry collaborations that amplify blockchain’s impact by fostering collaborations between academia, other tech sectors, and government agencies.

Elevated Ecosystem: The collective efforts of these companies contribute to the growth of a high tech ecosystem. Their pioneering initiatives set the stage for startups, smaller businesses, and aspiring developers to follow suit and make their mark in the blockchain domain.

Global Impact: By embracing forward-looking strategies, these companies have the potential to extend their influence beyond Armenia’s borders. As blockchain’s global significance continues to expand, it can actively contribute to shaping its role on a worldwide scale.

The journey ahead holds immense promise as Armenia’s tech landscape continues to evolve. The blockchain development companies’ commitment to collaborative innovation and dedication to harnessing emerging trends sets the tone for a future that is not only transformative for Armenia but also impactful on the global stage.


As Armenia embraces the digital age, dev companies have emerged as pivotal players, transforming the nation into a tech powerhouse. They contribute to Armenia’s progress and the global blockchain ecosystem through their expertise, innovative projects, and collaborative spirit.

The stories of these companies symbolize Armenia’s journey toward becoming a center of blockchain excellence. They are carving a path for the nation’s tech landscape to flourish by bridging the gap between technology and strategic innovation. As Armenia continues to thrive in the digital realm, these blockchain development companies remain steadfast in their commitment to innovation, collaboration, and a future where blockchain’s transformative potential knows no bounds.


What is the significance of blockchain in Armenia's tech growth?

Blockchain plays a pivotal role in Armenia's tech growth by attracting investments, driving innovation, and positioning the country as a global player in the IT landscape.

How do these companies ensure the security of their blockchain solutions?

These companies implement rigorous security measures, including smart contract audits and robust encryption, to ensure the integrity and safety of their blockchain solutions.

What blockchain platforms are commonly employed by these companies?

These companies utilize diverse blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, and more to cater to varied project requirements.

What impact do these companies have on Armenia's economy?

These companies contribute significantly to Armenia's economy by creating jobs, attracting foreign investments, and enhancing the country's reputation as a tech hub.

How does Armenia's geographical location benefit these blockchain companies?

Armenia's strategic location between Europe and Asia offers these blockchain companies access to both markets, facilitating international collaboration and expansion.

What role do tax incentives play in Armenia's blockchain ecosystem?

Tax incentives, such as a 0% corporate income tax rate for software development companies, incentivize blockchain companies to establish a strong presence in Armenia.

How do these companies ensure the quality of their blockchain solutions?

These companies prioritize quality by conducting thorough testing, employing industry best practices, and continuously improving to deliver impeccable blockchain solutions.

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