Top 12 AI Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2023

AI cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing how users interact with blockchain systems. With machine learning and deep learning advancements, AI technologies can solve complex problems and adapt quickly to changing conditions.

Some users utilize AI tokens for intraday trading, while others actively use them within the network. By utilizing these tokens, users can easily access specific functions of the platform – everything from machine learning algorithms to natural language processing services – all powered by the blockchain-backed currency. 

AI cryptocurrencies are an innovative example of how blockchain technology revolutionizes the broader WEB3 industry.

Here are some of the top AI cryptocurrencies

AI coins are cryptos that use artificial intelligence to improve the user experience, scalability, and security of blockchain networks. Crypto AI coins support AI projects like decentralized marketplaces, market predictions, and portfolio management. Here are some of them:

SingularityNET (AGIX)

SingularityNET is revolutionizing the landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Popularly known as a blockchain platform, it allows everyone to build, share and monetize AI services quickly. In addition, it has an internal marketplace where users can browse for the latest AI needs and make payments using AGIX – the platform’s native cryptocurrency.

This novel development has successfully solved one of the biggest problems developers face. Now they can make money from comprehensive AI solutions and models without going through the tedious process of building applications for end users. Similarly, developers can buy affordable AI solutions seamlessly in their applications. 

The Graph (GRT)

The Graph is a protocol that simplifies the task of indexing and querying data from blockchains by dividing large datasets into more manageable components – subgraphs. The cleverly organized structure allows developers to retrieve data quicker and more efficiently, making blockchain technology much more accessible.

It’s similar to how Google indexes web pages online, providing a quick interface for finding the correct information quickly. The Graph has made a massive impact in the blockchain space since its launch in 2018, helping optimize blockchain integration with web 3.0 technologies almost overnight. Thanks to this remarkable technology, it’s now easier to explore and find vast amounts of data within many different blockchains worldwide.

Fetch.ai (FET)

Fetch.ai uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to create an efficient blockchain-based platform that automates business tasks focusing on data processing and trading activities.

By leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, Fetch.ai users can find the best solutions for their needs without limitations caused by manual labor and legacy systems. Furthermore, Fetch.ai users can use its native cryptocurrency, FET, as a payment method for services rendered on the network and trading-related activities such as buy/sell orders.

Ocean Protocol (Ocean)

In a world where data is increasingly becoming the lifeblood of businesses and organizations, the ability to monetize and exchange data securely and efficiently is critical. Ocean Protocol utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to provide a secure and trustless platform for businesses and individuals to exchange and monetize data.

Importantly, Ocean Protocol ensures that data holders retain control over their data, allowing them to select who can access it and under what conditions. This feature makes it an ideal solution for businesses and individuals who want to maximize the value of their data without sacrificing privacy or security.

iExec RLC (RLC)

iExec is a blockchain platform that allows users to monetize their computing power while providing access to a pool of on-demand cloud-computing resources.

RLC represents an exciting prospect for those interested in leveraging their computing power with the potential of lucrative rewards and opportunities. By tapping into the power of decentralized networks and AI technology, iExec offers users a way to access exceptional cloud computing solutions without needing to be plugged into any specific physical location or entity. All in all, iExec demonstrates how innovation and progress can genuinely benefit everyone involved, both in terms of security and monetary incentives.

Numeraire (NMR)

Numerai is a revolutionary network that unites machine learning and artificial intelligence to benefit stock market investments worldwide.

This AI-based hedge fund uses data science to provide robust global trading opportunities, allowing users to make the most of their financial investments. Supporting this endeavor is the native currency of Numerai, known as Numeraire (NMR). Processed through a secure blockchain ledger, it provides straightforward transactions between users within the network. Ultimately,

dKargo (DKA)

dKargo delivers a safe, transparent, and efficient way to manage logistics information. With immutable blockchain technology, data stored on the network is secure from tampering and alteration. The technology ensures that all participants can trust that the records are accurate. 

On top of this trust layer, dKargo also employs AI systems to monitor and improve the logistics experience by improving collaboration. AI enables optimizing and automating logistical processes while having complete confidence in the data shared on the system. Thanks to dKargo, users can access dependable trust services proven by using blockchain and AI technologies and enjoy more reliable delivery services for their customers.

Phala Network (PHA)

Phala Network is an AI-augmented blockchain platform designed to deliver a privacy-centric approach to cloud computing. By displacing centralized services such as Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, it promises to create an open, secure, decentralized environment in which data remains confidential without sacrificing the performance of cloud applications.

Applying Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology on Substrate Framework architecture and equipped with advanced user identity management protocols, Phala provides trustworthy on-chain and off-chain computation. 

Covalent (CQT)

Covalent aims to improve the ease and efficiency of multi-chain development. It will aggregate data from leading blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche, allowing developers to utilize these disparate blockchains in one place.

Users can utilize this powerful array of tools to build applications that quickly solve various tasks in areas including finance and retail. Additionally, sophisticated data analysis techniques allow developers to create highly optimized decentralized applications that offer streamlined solutions with never before seen speed and accuracy. With Covalent’s innovative suite of services and cutting-edge technology, the future is bright for multi-chain development.

Cortex (CTXC)

Cortex is a groundbreaking blockchain platform that promises to revolutionize how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart contracts come together. With Cortex, users can upload their AI models directly onto the platform and execute them using distributed computing power.

Cortex opens up many possibilities for users to add fascinating new dimensions to decentralized apps (dApps). Cortex’s stated mission is to make blockchain technology more accessible so AI can be incorporated into smart contracts easily, securely, and accurately with less technical complexity for all involved. Overall, Cortex is an invaluable resource for those wishing to take their dApps one step further.

Hera Finance

Hera Finance is an innovative DeFi project that sets itself apart, providing users with comprehensive features. This AI-powered platform makes accessing decentralized services such as toke trading and swapping. It also serves as a DEX aggregator, helping users find the best price for their trades based on real-time data. Furthermore, the native HERA token provides holders with additional benefits, including the ability to initiate and explore different DeFi-specific services within one reliable platform. All in all, Hera Finance provides a one-stop shop for all your DeFi needs.

DeepBrain chain

DeepBrain Chain is an ecosystem for artificial intelligence that enables various services and products. This blockchain-specific ecosystem allows for AI model training, development, and deployment. The cost-effective training data provided by DeepBrain Chain has increased popularity among developers, while its decentralized model also offers secure data storage and processing capabilities. Furthermore, its tamper-proof nature adds an extra layer of security to ensure users’ data remains beyond the reach of malicious actors. Overall, DeepBrain Chain is a reliable option for interested parties to outsource their AI tasks in a secure environment.

How do I buy AI cryptocurrencies?

The best way to buy AI cryptocurrency is through an exchange. Many exchanges offer access to different AI cryptocurrencies, so do your research before choosing the one that’s right for you. In addition, each exchange will have its rules and requirements, so be sure to read up on those before signing up.

  1. Find an appropriate exchange to use.
  2. Open an account and fund it with cryptocurrency or fiat currency.
  3. Start trading AI cryptocurrencies. Many exchanges offer limit and stop-loss orders that make buying and selling more manageable, so take advantage of them if available.
  4. Keep up to date with the news and technology related to AI cryptocurrency, as this will allow you to make informed investment decisions.


AI cryptocurrency is an exciting new field that is gaining traction. Whether you’re a developer, trader, or trader, there are numerous projects for you to explore. Make sure you do your research before investing in any specific project. With the right tools and information, you can maximize your chances of success.


Which is the best AI crypto?

The best AI crypto depends on your individual needs and goals. Research and compare the various options to find one that suits you best.

What is the difference between AI and blockchain technology?

AI is a form of artificial intelligence that enables machines to learn and operate autonomously, while blockchain is a decentralized ledger technology that facilitates secure data storage and transmission.

Which is better, AI or blockchain?

This depends on your individual needs. For example, AI offers the power of automation and autonomous learning, while blockchain provides secure data storage and transmission.

Can I make money with AI cryptocurrencies?

You can make money with AI cryptocurrencies by trading them on an exchange.

Our content is derived from a thorough research, yet we acknowledge the potential for deserving businesses to be overlooked. If you’re a business owner or a reader who believes a valuable business is missing from our list, write to us at [email protected].

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