Top 10 Southeast Asian Blockchain Companies You Might Want to Invest In

In the rapidly advancing world of technology, Southeast Asia is a region that’s rapidly gaining recognition as a cradle of innovation, particularly in the blockchain domain. Not only is blockchain technology reshaping traditional industries like finance, supply chain, and healthcare, but it’s also paving the way for emerging fields such as DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). 

This Cryptopolitan guide spotlights the top ten Southeast Asian blockchain companies that are pushing the boundaries of blockchain innovation, delivering value through ingenious products, services, and solutions. These organizations are carving a niche for themselves, generating employment opportunities, and driving economic growth, while exemplifying the transformative power of blockchain technology.


HARA’s initial focus was on the agriculture and food sector, but it now aims to promote sustainability in other socially impactful industries as well. Specifically, it seeks to target three industries: agriculture and food, data and commercial market, and digital advertising.

The HARA Ecosystem is a platform that is decentralized, secured, and transparent. It is built on an Ethereum-enabled blockchain with smart contracts.

It’s main products are:

Decentralized Data Exchange: The HARA Ecosystem is a platform that lets data providers share their information with data buyers in a decentralized way. The technology used is blockchain, which makes the exchange safe, transparent, and trackable. The platform collects different types of data, such as farmer identity, cultivation, location, ecology, and market information from various sources like IoT, satellite, as well as third-party entities including governments, scientists, academia, and farm-input manufacturers. The individuals or organizations who create the data can upload their datasets onto the data exchange and sell them to other data buyers through the token-based and decentralized platform.

Suite of Data Acquisition Applications: HARA Data Exchange Platform offers a mobile app and web portal to help data providers easily supply data. These tools are gamified and data providers who supply and verify data are rewarded with loyalty points. These points can be redeemed for phone credits, discounts on agriculture supplies, and education supplies, among other products and services. This incentivizes data providers to consistently supply data to HARA.


Games on Ethereum are currently plagued with difficulties in scaling and high transaction fees. This becomes problematic for players who frequently buy, sell, and trade NFT assets. The NFTs are stored on centralized servers, leaving them vulnerable to shutdowns and asset loss. A better gaming experience is necessary for the introduction of the next billion crypto users.

Bluzelle addresses these issues by using a sophisticated blockchain technology. Bluzelle achieves a transaction processing speed of 10,000 per second while only costing a few cents, compared to Ethereum’s hundreds of dollars. Also, Bluzelle has a completely decentralized storage system that allows for the instantaneous storage of Game NFTs for players across hundreds of nodes.

It provides a guarantee that players won’t lose the NFTs they worked hard to earn. In addition, Bluzelle gathers all the top-performing DeFi products within the Cosmos ecosystem. It also provides lending, staking, and yield strategies for game assets. With the founders’ games industry experience, Bluzelle is creating its inaugural P2E game, Denomination.

It has the following main features:

Chain: Bluzelle is a blockchain platform designed specifically for GameFi. It is capable of creating top-notch games, ensuring the safety of player’s NFTs through its decentralized storage layer, and taking advantage of DeFi yields via its 10,000 TPS Cosmos-Based Blockchain.

Storage: Bluzelle provides secure and decentralized storage, which is resistant to censorship and has redundancy. It is built on the IPFS network, which ensures that your files, data, and NFTs remain accessible at all times without the risk of downtime.

NFTs: Bluzelle offers a decentralized storage system that enables gamers and game developers to have an NFT marketplace that is appropriate for them. The platform allows you to mint and store your NFTs and game assets securely and efficiently in a single location.

Token: The BLZ token is a digital asset used to power the Bluzelle ecosystem. By owning BLZ, you can pay for network transactions, use BluzelleDB and Oracle services, and have a smooth experience. You can also stake your tokens to earn rewards and participate in network governance, which lets you have a voice in shaping the platform’s future.

Games: Bluzelle has a GameFi chain with thrilling games to play. They create their own games that use the features of the chain, like speed, NFTs, storage, and DeFi. Players can easily exchange their game tokens and assets in the Cosmos ecosystem. Bluzelle’s first release, GAMMA 4, is a science fiction Card Strategy RPG.


Indodax is a cryptocurrency exchange platform in Indonesia where you can buy and sell different digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. It has over 5 million members and offers a convenient and secure way to trade crypto assets.

Indodax is a group with members located both in Indonesia and abroad that was founded in 2014. They have been granted multiple certifications and permits from the Commodity Futures Exchange Supervisory Board (BAPPEBTI) and the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia.


Based in Singapore, Yojee is a blockchain startup that has developed a new method for ecommerce companies to collaborate with logistics providers. With the logistics and supply chain industry experiencing the effects of digital disruption, it comes as no surprise that companies are seeking innovative solutions.

Yojee utilizes AI and blockchain technology to assist logistics companies in real-time management and optimisation of their fleet tracking, pickup and delivery confirmation, job, invoicing, and driver rating. This way, it assigns delivery jobs to drivers automatically, eliminating the need for human intermediaries and reducing the overall expenses of an organization.

Yojee offers its users the chance to join a logistics network that connects shippers, carriers, and freight containers across borders, which is the first of its kind. This network is in addition to the software provided by Yojee.

Yojee’s platform was already being used by 70 of Southeast Asia’s top ecommerce sites in 2017. The platform’s ability to improve delivery times has been confirmed by the CEO, Ed Clarke, indicating that some of these companies have been able to reduce their delivery times from three days to same-day.

The company is currently using blockchain and AI in its platform, and is also planning to tap into Singapore’s autonomous vehicle industry.


LuxTag is a company that provides solutions for Anti-Counterfeit, Business Insights, and Customer Engagement. They use blockchain, DLT, and IoT technologies. 

LuxTag’s service revolves around creating digital certificates of authenticity for physical products, connecting them to their owners and brands through Smart Contracts and Internet of Things features. With this technology, LuxTag provides businesses with valuable insights for improving customer engagement.

It offers the following features: 

  • Protect & Promote: Ensuring authenticity through unique identity on the blockchain. 
  • BrandTag Saas: LuxTag solution helps businesses and their customers prevent counterfeiting, verify ownership, and trace products in the digital era.
  • Clone-Resistant Chip: Gain valuable business intelligence while protecting your products against counterfeiting. 
  • Luxtag SUN: The LuxTag-SUN platform is a software as a service tool that can efficiently validate the genuineness of NTAG 424 DNA NFC tags while ensuring strong availability, security, and scalability.
  • Track & Trace: LuxTag can assist you in saving time and effort spent on verifying authenticity through manual requests.
  • DocuTag: Make it easier to create a digital representation of your physical product or asset for use in blockchain applications. 


Otonomos is a platform that supports individuals and companies in the crypto and tech industries to establish and manage their legal entities in various countries. It is a legally compliant Corporate Governance platform that uses Smart Contracts.

Otonomos has been assisting individuals and investors in the cryptocurrency and technology industries since 2015 with entity formation in various jurisdictions across the globe.

The platform has a Decentralized Digital Identity solution and Company Constitutions engraved on the blockchain as smart contracts. This allows for digital document signing using Private Keys and automates and enforces legal processes, resulting in a reliable audit trail that doesn’t require a formal audit.

Project LOVI

LOVI is a luxury lifestyle brand that offers a collection of NFTs on the ERC-20 blockchain. It turns its vision into reality by providing exclusive utilities and community-based experiences for its users.

Its roadmap consists of 5 phases.


  • Fund raising
  • NFT Design 
  • Build LOVI Community on Social Media (Twitter, Discord, Telegram)
  • Website & Blockchain Development


  • Build LOVI Community on Social Media
  • Sneak peek LOVI Collection
  • Collaborate with Agency
  • User participate in activity to earn Whitelist


  • Begin Allocation of LOVI List
  • Education sessions for Community
  • AMA (Ask Me Anything) Sessions
  • Collaborate with low-mid tier global brands


  • Collaborate with low – mid tier global brands (Cruise, Party event, Airport Lounge, Physical/Virtual card)


  • Live Minting
  • Mint Auction
  • Holder’s Meet & Greet
  • Holders will receive a physical debit card with their own LOVI NFT on it


RAMP DeFi is a DeFi protocol that operates on multiple blockchains and offers a wide-ranging solution for users to efficiently manage their crypto-assets and gain maximum value and returns. By depositing assets, users can earn high-yield returns and also access extra liquidity to invest in other opportunities by using them as collateral for stablecoins. The platform is accessible across multiple networks.

Ramp DeFi has the following main features: 

  • Earn yields while you borrow: You can earn yields on the assets you deposit while borrowing rUSD stablecoin.
  • Borrow rUSD for additional liquidity: Use your deposited assets to create a stablecoin called Mint, and explore new investment options.
  • Cross-chain rUSD transfers: Create a stablecoin named Mint by utilizing your deposited assets and then consider new investment possibilities.

Ramp’s goal is to give users access to a global liquidity network that is blockchain-agnostic and empowering. Presently, rUSD can be minted on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, with the possibility of more chains being added soon.

It supports the following blockchains: 

  • Binance Smart Chain 
  • Polygon
  • Solana
  • Polkadot


Coins.ph aims to make Web3 and digital assets accessible for everyone and create an open financial system. It’s the most experienced cryptocurrency brand in The Philippines since its launch in 2014 and has earned the trust of over 16 million users. Users can use the simple mobile app to buy, sell, and access various financial services.

Coins.ph has obtained both Virtual Currency and Electronic Money Issuer licenses from a central bank, making it the first crypto-based company in Asia to do so. The company is fully regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

It offers the following products: 

  • Buy and Sell cryptocurrencies
  • Buy load for networks
  • Pay bills 
  • Coins Pro: the company’s stock exchange
  • Coins TradeDesk: A personalized trading experience

Torus Labs

Torus is a network for non-custodial key management that is open source. The company’s objective is to make Web3 easy, secure, and simple to use.

It offers the following features:

  • Simplified Onboarding, Higher Conversion Rates
  • Remove seed phrases and reduce scams, support tickets and the hassle.
  • Enhanced and Incremental 2FA Security

Torus Labs provides a way for regular users to use their existing logins from third-party services like Google, Facebook, Reddit, and others to access their private keys and easily use blockchain applications.

Our platform does not hold onto users’ private keys or have access to their funds. Instead, we utilize distributed key generation technology and cryptography to distribute the private keys across the Torus Network. The private key would only be reconstructed upon a valid login.

The user keys are divided into “shares” using a threshold arrangement, which are protected using a combination of authentication methods and user devices. To the key, a specific number of shares are needed.

Users can use social logins to manage their private keys, making it easier to recover their passwords and less likely to lose their keys. Users can utilize their social logins to identify themselves online using digital signatures while keeping their information private.


As we’ve explored through these top ten Southeast Asian blockchain companies, the region is emerging as a major global player in this space, harnessing the potential of this disruptive technology to innovate and elevate various sectors. Each company, with its unique value proposition and innovative solutions, is contributing to the evolving blockchain ecosystem, a testament to the region’s vibrant technological culture. Looking ahead, these businesses are poised to continue to push the frontier of the possible in blockchain, signaling an exciting era for Southeast Asia’s technological advancement.


What is the significance of blockchain technology in Southeast Asia?

Blockchain technology holds significant potential for Southeast Asia, particularly in areas like finance, supply chain, and healthcare. It brings about transparency, security, and efficiency, reshaping traditional business models.

Why are Southeast Asian companies focusing on blockchain technology?

Southeast Asian companies are focusing on blockchain because of its transformative potential. It allows for greater efficiency, security, and transparency in operations, driving innovation and economic growth.

Q. What sectors are these blockchain companies focused on?

These blockchain companies are focused on a range of sectors including finance, supply chain management, healthcare, education, and more, showcasing the versatility of blockchain technology.

Is blockchain technology safe and secure?

Yes, one of the key advantages of blockchain technology is its high level of security. By design, it's resistant to modification of data, offering trust and transparency.

Are there any regulatory challenges for blockchain companies in Southeast Asia?

Yes, regulatory challenges exist, as with any emerging technology. The landscape is constantly evolving, and companies must keep pace with changes to ensure compliance.

How are these companies driving innovation in the blockchain space?

These companies are driving innovation by creating new applications for blockchain, improving existing processes, and pioneering novel blockchain concepts, particularly in DeFi and NFT spaces.

What is the role of these companies in the global blockchain ecosystem?

These companies are contributing to the global blockchain ecosystem by driving technological advancements, setting industry standards, and showcasing the potential of Southeast Asia as a hub for blockchain innovation.

How do these companies affect the economic growth of the region?

These companies stimulate economic growth by creating jobs, attracting investment, and fostering technological advancement, boosting the region's global competitiveness.

Q. What is the future of blockchain in Southeast Asia?

The future of blockchain in Southeast Asia looks promising with these companies continuing to innovate, and with increasing adoption across various sectors, blockchain is set to significantly influence the region's digital landscape.

How are these companies contributing to job creation in the region?

These companies are contributing to job creation by expanding operations, creating new roles focused on blockchain development, data security, and system management, thereby driving economic growth.

Our content is derived from a thorough research, yet we acknowledge the potential for deserving businesses to be overlooked. If you’re a business owner or a reader who believes a valuable business is missing from our list, write to us at [email protected].

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