Tool Unveils ‘TOOLKIT’: AI-Driven Production for Brands and Agencies


  • TOOL introduces TOOLKIT for streamlined AI-powered content production.
  • TOOLKIT’s approach: short sprints, fine-tuned AI, customized solutions for brands.
  • Navigate AI growth without massive investments for efficient content.

Leading content production partner and creative technology company, TOOL, has launched a groundbreaking AI solution, TOOLKIT, designed to revolutionize content creation for brands and agencies. This innovative offering, led by TOOL’s technical director Wim Vanhenden and creative director Tyler Cohen, harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver unparalleled personalization in digital advertising.

Streamlining content production with TOOLKIT

TOOLKIT, a result of TOOL’s 15+ years of AI expertise, provides creatives, producers, and marketers with a tailored AI solution trained on a brand’s visual data. By collaborating with clients in two-to-four-week production sprints, TOOLKIT focuses on deciphering a brand’s visual DNA and products. This process utilizes advanced machine learning to create foundational models, enabling the development of product and stylistic data models. These models serve as the cornerstone for applying a brand’s visual style to various content use cases, including product photography, regionalization, social media, and more.

A watershed moment in the industry

Dustin Calif, President of TOOL, emphasizes that TOOLKIT marks a watershed moment in the industry, allowing the company to merge its core strengths in content and creative technology production. Addressing the overwhelming growth of AI, TOOLKIT empowers brands and agencies to navigate this landscape without substantial investments. TOOLKIT’s ability to fine-tune AI models to specific visual styles, guidelines, and products enhances its applicability to diverse marketing needs.

TOOLKIT is already making waves with its inaugural client, Under Armour, which recently completed a sprint. The collaborative process with clients results in an ownable AI visual dataset tailored to each brand, demonstrating TOOL’s commitment to customization. Moreover, an upcoming TOOL-produced spot for Johnsonville showcases the practical application of AI, specifically in VFX scenes. The success with these clients reinforces TOOLKIT’s potential, and several Fortune 250 clients are set to kick off their engagements in 2024.

The technical foundation of TOOLKIT

The success of TOOLKIT lies in its robust technical foundation. Leveraging TOOL’s proprietary AI models, the process involves fine-tuning AI models to align with a brand’s visual styles, guidelines, and products. The culmination is a web interface within the proprietary TOOLKIT, providing clients the flexibility to create content bespoke to their workflow and marketing requirements.

TOOLKIT is poised to redefine content production, offering brands and agencies a versatile and efficient solution powered by AI. TOOL’s commitment to customization, demonstrated through successful collaborations with Under Armour and Johnsonville, highlights the tangible impact of this innovative tool. As the industry grapples with the rapid evolution of AI, TOOLKIT stands out as a beacon, allowing clients to harness the power of AI without the burden of massive investments. The future of content production is here, and TOOLKIT is at the forefront of this transformative journey.

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