TOMRA Unveils AI-Powered Recycling System for Sorting Plastics

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  • TOMRA’s AI system boosts plastic recycling purity.
  • Precision sorting with TOMRA’s GAINnext technology.
  • AI revolutionizes waste management for high-quality recycling

TOMRA Recycling, the world leader in waste sorting technology, has released its latest model of technology innovation, changing plastic recycling into a new life. TOMRA’s product Manager of Deep Learning, Indrajeet Prasad, in an interview discussed the company’s breakthrough in AI-based sorting systems.

TOMRA’s GAINnext AI sorting platform for plastic recycling

TOMRA’s latest innovation, the GAINnext platform, not only symbolizes the company’s continuous undertaking of including AI and deep learning platforms in its plastic sorting solutions but is also probably the biggest revolutionary step taken by the organization to date. 

The purpose of the next-generation sorting technology GAINnext is to separate food-grade from non-food-grade plastics such as PET, PP, and HDPE to 95% purity using high-performance deep learning algorithms.

The essence of TOMRA’s GAINnext system comes in the form of neural networks, i.e. the ability to apply deep learning machine vision technology. The device is equipped with video cameras with RGB ranging that allows it to detect multiple object types by taking into account their shapes, sizes, and dimensions, regardless of the uniqueness of materials of the aforementioned objects. 

This function is critical in this respect and is geared toward a successful distinction between food-grade and non-food-grade plastics in compliance with the manufacturing and health rules of the industry.

Transforming a sustainable and profitable environment

combining DEEP learning algorithms (GAINnext) and traditional finding-based sorting equipment (AUTOSORT), TOMRA has opened new horizons related to their programmable sorting that allows the creation of high-grade recycled products from usable raw materials used in food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical packaging. 

The simultaneously growing demand for credible, high-purity recycled content is also being met, which is in line with evolving regulatory requirements like the EU’s PPWR and Plastics Recycling Regulation (EU 2022/1616).

The role of TOMRA’s AI-amplified sorting in advancing sustainability does not end there—the economic viability of the operations is also likely to be enhanced. Clients served by TOMRA have the ability to build new income streams because purity rates exceed business standards, and as a result, GAINnext materials are of high quality. These materials leave a wide array of business opportunities on the market.

Denoting The health and hygiene standards

In the contemporary environment, where laws are becoming stricter, and hygiene concerns are increasing, TOMRAs are AI (Artificial Intelligence)- powered sorting machines, which have become crucial to the circular economy in the plastics recycling sector. 

Through meeting out-of-regulatory mandates and providing solutions to hygiene issues, GAINnext is part of a series of resolutions addressing the complexities of recycling food-grade plastics and thereby offering a sustainable, resilient future.

 TOMRA’s innovative solutions will be more sustainable in the future. As purity levels skyrocket to the ultimate lead, the success of TOMRA’s customers lies in the ability to create fresh streams of income alongside a sustainable world for generations to enjoy.

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