Tokenization can be a game changer for investors and owners

The real property market is an ancient and most noteworthy investment area. It returns modest yields and is predominantly an effective hedge against price rises; conversely, there have been multiple insistent hurdles to this market entry, i.e. high cost and low liquescency.

With the emergence of crypto assets as a novel and effective category of assets, the core technology governing the market, i.e. blockchain network has been progressing to ensure the provision of effective exchange systems and to discuss, grip and relocate value.

With the development of both, the industry and technology, there are considerable chances of amalgamating the old and new together, i.e. the merger of old areas holding potential equal to that of tokenization of real estate market.

Tokenization refers to the representation of assets in the form of equivalent tokens. The token is fractionally shared and held. The tokenized property will be analogous to real estate investment trust (REIT). However, it may provide more flexibility and little broker charges.

Matchless liquescency

Tokenization of real estate will provide unmatched liquidity by easing and securing the transfers via tokens. It will also make investment pools global.

Lower cost of entrance

Tokenization promotes collective ownership which results in a lower cost of entry to the market. It further opens up the investor pool and unlocks rising areas and economies across the globe.

Well-organized management

Tokenized security can be automated to provide effective management by using smart bonds. Furthermore, the recording of events is saved on the blockchain a network which removes middlemen; hence costs are dropped for shareholders and issuers.

Increased lucidity

Blockchain networks safe, irreversible and provide increased clarity.