The Ukrainians immortalized in the NFTs an artificial intelligence view of the war events. All the money from their sale will be sent to humanitarian aid


The true history of what is happening in Ukraine can now be learned through the trending Neuron Art. Al illustrated all the most important news of the war for the 1 month period. They make up the 4th drop of the NFT-collection Warline, which belongs to the META HISTORY museum. This project turns all significant events starting from the first day of battles into works of art. The last its work will be dedicated to victory.

The Ukrainians immortalized in the NFTs an artificial intelligence view of the war events. All the money from their sale will be sent to humanitarian aid 1

The purpose of Warline is to counter russian propaganda with proven facts and to raise funds for humanitarian aid through the sale of NFTs. The collection already contains 3 drops, for which the works of over 200 Ukrainian and foreign artists have been tokenized. The 4th drop was created in cooperation with ZibraAI – a Ukrainian deep-tech startup focused on creating AI-based technologies and products for the game industry.

The Ukrainians immortalized in the NFTs an artificial intelligence view of the war events. All the money from their sale will be sent to humanitarian aid 2

The ZibraAI team worked with the neural network that generated images from the news texts selected by the META HISTORY team. These specialists are usually involved in game development, including AAA-class games. They create products on Unreal Engine, and recently received Mega Grant from Epic Games. On the ZibraAI side, there were three people involved. The development and customization process took about 1.5-2 months. During the debugging period of the technology, Al learned to produce a result that was very similar to the images which  are now in the collection. The only problem appeared in the process was the technique’s images. They were quite distorted at first. But in time they managed to achieve a result that is now available for purchase at https://metahistory.gallery.

The money received from the sale of NFT will be sent to the blockchain charity fund “Unchain” and Ukraine’s largest fundraising platform for online charity dobro.ua. Both organizations are working to solve socially important problems that many Ukrainians are now unable to cope with on their own because of the war. Both display receipts to the account in real-time on the project website. So everyone can see how his or her funds are being channeled to humanitarian aid. Unchain fund is supported by such famous crypto-world personalities as Vitalik Buterin and Illia Polosukhin. 

In its turn, the META HISTORY museum has already transferred more than $1.3 million to state initiatives and charities. It is the biggest charitable NFT project in the country officially supported by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. Launched in March 2022 to help defenders, META HISTORY is now becoming a larger project to support and restore the country.

“This is the greatest war in the new history of Europe, which is leaving behind a terrible mark. In response, we will create the largest charitable NFT platform. Not only in Ukraine, but in the whole world, I hope. Because the need to rebuild our country and to return its cultural values will demand funds for years to come. And we believe that the NFT-community, which values creativity, freedom, and art so much, will support us like no other and will respond to our call for help”, VK, founder of META HISTORY museum.

To give as many people as possible the opportunity to buy NFTs from the 4th Warline drop, the META HISTORY team has opened a whitelist. Registering as one of the first 800 members gives you a free mint ― an NFT purchase without additional transaction fees. To register please go to the joinlist.me/metahistory, сomplete all the tasks, go to the project website https://metahistory.gallery and purchase the selected token from the collection.

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