The First Ever Blockchain Project as promising as Ethereum raises $15 million.

Helium project has been described as one of the most promising and ambitious ventures in the crypto space by Multicoin Capital. The project supported by Google and the Multicoin Capital generated a whopping sum of $15 million, also believed the project would bring about cost reduction for organizations deploying wireless networks at scale.

With this Helium project, companies will spend less to gain access to the internet. They will also be able to obtain nodes from any part of the world; a whole lot of flexibility made available by the project. By adopting the ambitions of the Helium project, companies would be able to acquire hubs, turn them on, and become connected to the internet instead of developing infrastructures from scratch. The Helium project would encourage the sprouting of several Internet of Things (IoT) businesses that utilize global less expensive internet access.

Assumptions encouraged by the project asserts that there would be a massive adoption of the service provider. However, reality holds that people would be skeptical about making such a colossal decision of switching internet service providers. Just like every other startup business, no matter the juicy product or services offered, there are unforeseen risks yet to be identified. These risks are mostly the reason why individuals prefer to purchase business packages

Even if these uncertainties get ignored, the new service provider still wouldn’t be quickly adopted. Nevertheless, offering an alternative and cost-effective internet option which is globally accessible is an advantage to the growth of the project.

Although the Helium project promises a lot of money if the prediction that Bitcoin will hit the $100,000 mark and much more with Ethereum. Then the Helium project might not stand up to that.

Ethereum has been used by several projects to fund and work on their minimum viable products. With this Helium project, the markets have been shifted. However, Ethereum remains valuable as diverse projects are still using the network.

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