The cryptocurrencies Rapid Morphing thesis by Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley analyzed the growth of institutional investors in the crypto-market. On October 31st, a report by the finance company Morgan Stanley elucidated the trend of Cryptos’ price action, and though the institutional investors have increased, the overall trading has remained constant.

The report accentuated the rapidly morphing thesis and stated that the investors have complete trust in the future of crypto-market. Moreover, the report showed that the growth of BTC was because it fixed many flaws of the conventional trading systems.

It then went on to discuss many problems that the crypto-market faced, which in turn, helped to improve and the system and bring about the invention of the blockchain ledger. The problems include the forks it faced like the formation of BTCH (Bitcoin Cash). It stated the forks to be similar to stock splits while noted that these did not lower the price per bitcoin

The report stated that since the start of 2016, institutional crypto products have stored over $7.1 Billion. More than that, the report acknowledged blockchain technology as something that could work beyond crypto-currencies as a valuable store of data.

The number of different crypto-tokens has moved from 31 in 2014 to almost 220 this year. Morgan also discussed the role of fiat currency in quick crypto-transactions, while noticing their decline. The report concluded that the decline in their prices was because of the higher fees they had to pay, to the banking sector. Since most exchanges do not trade crypto-> fiat trades the user needs to go through the banking sector in order to make a transaction.