Tezos and Tribe collaborate for Singapore blockchain platform

According to the latest report, Tribe, the Singapore blockchain platform backed by the government, has recently partnered with Tezos for launching a joint training program for Tezos blockchain developers.

The non-profit wing of Tezos, the Tezos Southeast Asia (TSA), is dedicated to promoting Tezos in the South East Asian region.

Now, with this new collaboration with the Singaporean government-backed Tribe, in a collaborative effort with Tezos to set up the Singapore blockchain platform, it is gearing up to attract more developers for creating more efficient blockchain-based solutions for real-world applications.

The training program is all set to begin from the Q1 of 2020.

Singapore blockchain platform on Tezos

The President of TSA Caleb Kow on this development stated that by providing the trainers with sound knowledge of the Tezos blockchain technology, they would be enabled to amplify the impact by transference and continuous knowledge sharing to the new learners.

Even in the past, Tezos has always shown a keen interest in the expansion of its development community. Back on the 14th of September, 2019, new grants were released by the foundation to the applications that were built by using the Tezos block explorers. Tezos smart contracts, smart contract development tools, the Tezos focused resources of training, and the marketing initiatives that are thought to promote awareness of the ecosystem.

Asian industry-based education projects 

The Guangzhou government has recently announced that a $140 million subsidy fund would be allocated to promote the development of the blockchain industry.

Besides, the government has also planned related to the development of setting up a nationwide blockchain entrepreneurship and innovation contest with the help of a 10 million yuan ($1.4 million)

Featured Image by Pixabay