Tether uses Bitcoin to strengthen its reserves


  • Tether International Limited has announced a new investment strategy where it will use up to 15% of its net realized operating profits to purchase Bitcoin regularly.
  • The Bitcoin purchase initiative aims to strengthen, diversify, and amplify Tether’s reserves, enhancing transparency about the company’s performance and capital allocation strategy.
  • Unlike other institutional investors, Tether maintains possession of the private keys for all its Bitcoin holdings, demonstrating a strong commitment to security.

In a bold move that marks a significant strategy shift, Tether International Limited, the organization behind the pioneer and most popular stablecoin, has declared its new investment plan.

The strategy entails strengthening its reserves portfolio through periodic Bitcoin (BTC) purchases, using up to 15% of its net realized operating profits, according to the company’s recent announcement.

Tether’s investment strategy

The company’s recent endeavors to purchase Bitcoin are part of an initiative aimed at amplifying, diversifying, and fortifying its reserves. By doing so, Tether aims to enhance transparency, providing a more precise portrayal of its financial performance and capital allocation strategy.

The company stated that it would concentrate solely on utilizing profits derived from its investment strategy, bypassing unrealized capital gains triggered by price surges.

While other institutional investors usually entrust their Bitcoin custody to third parties, Tether adopts the philosophy “Not your keys, not your bitcoin.”

The company safeguards the private keys associated with all its Bitcoin holdings, underscoring its commitment to security. As per Tether’s Q1 2023 Assurance Report, as of the end of March 2023, the company already possessed about $1.5 billion in BTC in its reserves.

Bitcoin’s role in the portfolio

By incorporating Bitcoin into its reserves, the company aims to tap into the digital asset’s growth potential. The company’s decision to allocate a share of its net realized operating profits towards Bitcoin underscores its faith in the cryptocurrency market and its goal to support the broader ecosystem.

Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether, affirmed this sentiment, stating, “Our investment in Bitcoin is not only a way to enhance the performance of our portfolio, but it is also a method of aligning ourselves with a transformative technology that has the potential to reshape the way we conduct business and live our lives.”

The company believes that Bitcoin, with its impressive returns over the past decade, has demonstrated its potential as an investment asset. As Bitcoin’s recognition and adoption by major financial institutions grow, Tether sees it as a vital component in diversified investment portfolios.

Tether’s investments also extend beyond Bitcoin. The company disclosed that it is focusing on building communication through peer-to-peer technologies like Holepunch, as well as investing in energy and Bitcoin mining infrastructure, among other ventures with its capital.

As it explores these innovative opportunities in the ever-evolving digital asset landscape, Tether remains committed to maintaining the stability of its flagship stablecoin, Tether (USD₮). The company also emphasized its adherence to rigorous risk management practices to guarantee the stability and security of its operations.

This latest move by Tether International Limited highlights the company’s strategic foresight, financial acumen, and commitment to the growth and evolution of the cryptocurrency landscape.

The company’s investment in Bitcoin not only fortifies its financial reserves but also consolidates its position as a trusted, reliable financial infrastructure provider in the digital asset space.

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