Tether partnership boosts credibility of El Salvador’s visa program

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  • El Salvador’s $1M Bitcoin Visa sparks significant interest.
  • Competition may affect program’s attractiveness to investors.
  • Tether partnership enhances program’s credibility and allure.

El Salvador’s National Bitcoin Office (ONBTC) has reported a significant influx of interest and applications for the country’s newly launched Freedom Visa program. 

The initiative, which offers residency and a pathway to citizenship in exchange for a $1 million Bitcoin or Tether donation, has garnered attention since its launch on December, with ONBTC anticipating it will reach its 1,000-person cap by the end of 2023.

Strong demand for El Salvador’s freedom visa

El Salvador’s National Bitcoin Office has announced that its innovative Freedom Visa program has already received substantial attention and applications since its unveiling earlier this month. 

The program, launched in collaboration with stablecoin issuer Tether, offers an opportunity for foreign investors to obtain Salvadoran residency and a pathway to citizenship in exchange for a substantial donation of $1 million worth of Bitcoin or Tether.

According to a spokesperson for ONBTC, the office has seen an impressive influx of inquiries, with hundreds of individuals expressing their interest online and through in-person visits to Salvadoran embassies and consulates worldwide. Moreover, “many dozens of applications” have already been submitted by prospective participants.

Limited availability and competitive landscape

El Salvador’s Freedom Visa program is not without limitations. It is capped at granting citizenship to 1,000 individuals per calendar year. While the program has drawn substantial interest, some market observers have noted that it may face competition from other citizenship-by-investment programs offered by different countries.

Alistair Milne, Chief Investment Officer at Altana Digital Currency, pointed out that El Salvador’s million-dollar visa program could be seen as less competitive when compared to similar offerings in other countries. 

For instance, Malta provides full European citizenship for $810,000 through its citizenship-by-investment program. While El Salvador’s initiative may attract those specifically interested in cryptocurrency-based investments and a connection to the country’s Bitcoin-friendly policies, potential investors may weigh their options carefully.

A lucrative partnership with Tether

The Freedom Visa program’s launch marked another milestone in El Salvador’s journey to becoming a cryptocurrency-friendly nation. Collaborating with Tether, one of the leading stablecoin issuers, El Salvador is aiming to attract significant investments in cryptocurrency.

Tether’s involvement in the program adds an extra layer of credibility and stability to the initiative, given its prominent position in the world of digital assets. This partnership may entice crypto enthusiasts and investors looking for a unique opportunity to combine their financial interests with the prospect of acquiring Salvadoran citizenship.

The road ahead for the freedom visa program

As interest continues to surge, El Salvador’s National Bitcoin Office remains confident that the Freedom Visa program will reach its 1,000-participant cap well before the end of 2023. This development underscores the country’s determination to leverage the benefits of cryptocurrency to bolster its economy and global standing.

The program is expected to contribute not only to El Salvador’s economic growth but also to its reputation as a hub for cryptocurrency innovation.

As cryptocurrency adoption continues to spread globally, initiatives like the Freedom Visa program could serve as a template for other nations seeking to attract cryptocurrency investors and foster blockchain development.

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