Terra crypto case analysis: Expert insights on SEC’s pursuit

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  • Legal experts discuss the Terra crypto case’s uniqueness and impact on crypto regulations.
  • Terra case involves token marketing and SEC’s rule denial, sparking regulatory questions.
  • SEC views the Terra case as a precedent for Coinbase and Binance, highlighting evolving crypto regulations.

In a recent turn of events in the world of cryptocurrency, legal experts have shed light on the ongoing legal battle involving Terraform Labs’ Terra (LUNA), its stablecoin (UST), and YIELD, the native token of the Anchor Protocol. 

This case has captured the crypto community’s attention and raised questions about the regulatory landscape surrounding digital assets. Renowned crypto lawyer Bill Morgan and Coin Routes’ co-CEO Dave Weisberger have shared their thoughts on this intriguing case and its potential implications for the wider crypto market.

The Terra case and marketing of tokens

One central concern Bill Morgan and Dave Weisberger raised is the marketing of UST, LUNA, and YIELD through Anchor Protocol by Do Kwon, the founder of Terraform Labs. Weisberger pointed out that Kwon had made guarantees of returns and assured the public of the project’s success.

According to Weisberger, this approach transforms the investment into an investment contract, seemingly separate from the crypto tokens.

Bill Morgan emphasized the importance of context and the fact-specific nature of the Terra case. He likened it to the Torres decision regarding Ripple’s sales of XRP, suggesting that it may stand as a unique and standalone case in the crypto legal landscape. 

Morgan believes its relevance and persuasive value might be limited compared to the Torres decision in cases involving major cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.

Morgan elaborated that most crypto-related legal cases hinge on their specific circumstances, particularly when applying the Howey test. The sensitivity of this test to specific facts means that the outcome of each case can differ significantly.

Weisberger’s insights on SEC’s approach

Dave Weisberger highlighted a crucial aspect of the SEC’s stance, which is the denial of the adequacy of current securities rules for secondary market trading of instruments not representing ownership or debt of an enterprise. While acknowledging the incomplete nature of these rules, Weisberger argued that certain key principles, such as marketing and manipulation rules, may still apply, but primarily to tokens associated with primary issuances or issuer-supported and marketed tokens.

The recent report by Coindesk suggests that the SEC may view the Terraform Labs case as a potential precedent that could strengthen their cases against cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. The outcome of the Terra case could set a legal precedent that influences how regulators perceive and approach other crypto-related activities in the market.


The ongoing legal battle involving Terraform Labs and its tokens has sparked a lively debate within the crypto community and among legal experts. Bill Morgan and Dave Weisberger’s perspectives shed light on the complexity and uniqueness of the Terra case.

While the Terra case may serve as a valuable reference point for future crypto-related legal disputes, it is essential to recognize that the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies is still evolving. As Bill Morgan aptly pointed out, most crypto cases are inherently fact-specific, and their outcomes can vary significantly based on the particular circumstances and legal arguments presented.

Dave Weisberger’s observations regarding the SEC’s denial of current securities rules for secondary market trading highlight the need for comprehensive regulations in the crypto space. As the crypto industry grows and matures, regulatory authorities like the SEC will likely need to adapt and refine their approach to ensure investor protection and market integrity.

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