Templated solutions take over blockchains and the Web3 ecosystem – Here’s how


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  • As the Web3 growth accelerates, enterprise and individual users prefer Forward’s templated solutions to implement their blockchain and Web3 systems. 
  • Using the Forward Marketplace to install a smart contract or dApp does not make someone a ‘Forward developer’ – find out what does.
  • The system is designed to enable Forward developers with more experience and skill to earn more.  Early adopters, especially Forward Web3 developers, can earn more on their templates. 

According to reports, as the Web3 evolution accelerates, many classes of users at both the company and individual levels have recognized Forward’s templated solution model as the preferable option for implementing their blockchain and Web3 systems. The rationale for this preference is directly related to the platform’s ability to let users relate to previously inaccessible technology to a wide range of users.

Web3 and blockchains under successful templates

Crypto market analysts have pointed out that Forward’s concept is similar to the model that WordPress used to dominate the internet’s Web2 era. Forward, like WordPress, removes the technological, financial, and knowledge hurdles that may impede Web3 innovation and adaption. 

Also, both platforms use a ‘plug-and-play’ approach, with WordPress using plugins and Forward using dApp templates. However, not everyone is cut out to be a Web3 developer on Forward.

While anyone can browse the Forward Marketplace and deploy a smart contract or dApp, this does not qualify them as a ‘Forward developer.’

The title is intended for those with professional experience in dApp development. Hence, it refers to someone who can create, modify, and upload dApp templates to the Forward Marketplace.

Front-end development does not necessitate as much training or experience when using Forward’s no-code front-end builder. The position requires using existing open-source smart contracts or creating new ones.

Understanding a Forward developer

According to the expected market development, much as with WordPress, the more experienced and skilled a Forward developer is, the more they can do in the new Marketplace and earn more. 

Forward developers can build unique templates and actively participate in the developing needs of the blockchain community and the Forward Marketplace.

Forward developers benefit from a variety of cash production opportunities, including passive income from uploaded templates and custom adjustments for clients and their individual projects.

In 2023, the average WordPress developer earns around USD 80,000, with a range of USD 50,000 to USD 100,000.

In a blossoming new industry and ecosystem like Web3, early adopters — particularly Forward Web3 creators — have the chance to make substantially more on their templates. The expanding demand for their services, the paucity of competent workers, and the Web3 industry’s pioneering nature all increase their earning potential.

Forward offers a variety of blockchain infrastructure for developers to enable multinational enterprises to shift to web3.

Welcome to the growing ecosystem

As the move from Web2 to Web3 takes place over the next decade, Forward’s diverse array of templated solutions in the Marketplace gives it a competitive advantage.

Compared to WordPress, its Web2 counterpart, Forward’s templated solutions within the Web3 realm and the developers who construct and manage them have endless potential.

Another key distinction between WordPress developers and Forward counterparts is the market size and potential. While WordPress is useful for websites, blogs, and e-commerce, Forward’s expertise in blockchain serves as the foundation for a new internet era. 

Aside from Forward’s ability to cover the industry’s expertise deficit, Forward developers benefit from the security of working in an ecosystem that has previously proven successful in fostering and sustaining innovation in the current Web3 reality.

As the internet matures and Web3 takes shape, Forward is in a unique position to deliver a service similar to WordPress while retaining unique traits that differentiate it as an epoch-defining the industry’s invention.

Forward provides these options to developers within its ecosystem, which is quickly becoming the preferred destination for users even as competition increases.

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