Telefónica unveils its crypto-powered helium mobile hotspots in Mexico


  • Telefónica has joined forces with Nova Labs to unveil helium mobile hotspots in Mexico City.
  • A vision for cost-efficient expansion.

Telefónica, a global telecommunications giant, has joined forces with Nova Labs to introduce Helium Mobile hotspots in Mexico City and Oaxaca, a strategic move aimed at expanding network coverage and alleviating mobile data traffic. Leveraging the decentralized and crypto-powered Helium 5G network, this collaboration represents a groundbreaking initiative in the telecommunications landscape.

Telefónica unveils mobile hotspots

The hotspots deployed in Mexico City and Oaxaca are configured to seamlessly connect to Telefónica’s network, utilizing customers’ existing SIM cards for authentication. Meanwhile, data transmission occurs over the Helium 5G network, offering a hybrid solution that combines traditional telecommunications infrastructure with the innovative capabilities of decentralized networks. In this venture, Telefónica’s proprietary management system takes center stage, overseeing access to the Helium network and monitoring the status of each hotspot.

This ensures seamless integration of the Helium Mobile hotspots into Telefónica’s existing network architecture while providing the necessary control and security measures. Helium Mobile, developed by Nova Labs, is not just a wireless phone service; it’s a manifestation of the decentralized Helium network. Users actively participate by running nodes or hotspots from their homes or businesses, earning crypto tokens on the Solana blockchain as incentives for contributing to the network.

This model of decentralized infrastructure networks (DePIN) introduces a cost-effective and community-driven approach to extending coverage. The Helium Mobile service made its debut in the United States in 2023, employing a hybrid model that capitalizes on Helium 5G nodes when in range and seamlessly integrates with T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G service when needed. What sets Telefónica apart in this collaboration is its distinction as the first major wireless carrier to directly offer Helium Mobile hardware in this latest initiative in Mexico.

A vision for cost-efficient expansion

With a customer base encompassing approximately 383 million users across Europe and Latin America, Telefónica’s involvement is poised to make a significant impact. José Juan Haro, Telefónica’s chief wholesale and public affairs officer, expressed the company’s commitment to exploring innovative, cost-effective, cooperative-based solutions for expanding coverage. The Mexico program is a crucial step in evaluating the performance, customer satisfaction, and associated costs of integrating the Helium Mobile solution.

Successful implementation could pave the way for its incorporation into Telefónica’s mobile network portfolios in various countries across the region. Nova Labs and Telefónica emphasize the crowdsourced model’s significant reduction in infrastructure costs compared to traditional towers. This approach not only makes deployment more economically viable but also enables community members to actively contribute to network expansion. The ability to deploy hotspots in small spaces further enhances coverage in targeted areas, making it a scalable and adaptable solution.

Amir Haleem, CEO of Nova Labs, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, highlighting its validation of the DePIN concept. He sees decentralized physical infrastructure networks as offering substantial cost efficiencies, enabling deployments in economically challenging locations, and fostering community involvement in building coverage for friends and families. The partnership between Telefónica and Nova Labs represents a pioneering step towards integrating decentralized networks into traditional telecommunications services. By harnessing the power of the Helium 5G network and embracing a crowdsourced model, Telefónica aims to redefine network expansion in Mexico.

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