Telecom Company in Malta Capitalizes on Artificial Intelligence

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  • GO plc relies heavily on artificial intelligence for marketing, coding, and legal work. 
  • Maltese companies identify talent shortage as a critical issue.
  • Malta integrates AI into education and the workforce.
  • Prime Minister Robert Abela encourages citizens to start a career in the AI sector.

According to a Bloomberg report, the Maltese telecom company, GO plc is capitalizing on artificial intelligence. The company utilizes AI to handle daily tasks in areas such as marketing, coding, and legal contract drafting. 

The report stated that GO plc plans to require its employees to use generative artificial intelligence for productivity purposes. GO plc utilizes AI to create 20% of its marketing content and write 30% of its code. In the legal department, AI drafts contracts; however, the company still relies on humans to proofread and vet the contracts. 

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Malta Lacks Talent

Finding the right talent and the required professional skills in Malta is challenging. The island has a land mass of 316 km2 (122 sq mi) and 536,740 residents. It has a low unemployment rate of 3.2%, and the current workforce requires crucial up-skilling and reskilling.

GO plc uses AI heavily due to the shortage of talent on the Mideatrian island. The CEO of GO plc, Nikhil Patil, said that:

“We are short of lawyers, accountants and coders. Only artificial intelligence can help us escape the talent curse.”

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Telecom Company in Malta Capitalizes on Artificial Intelligence
A chart showing the population increase in Malta over time. Source: Macrotrends

According to a recent report by the Malta Chamber of SMEs and MISCO, 43% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have said that talent shortage is a critical issue. Additionally, 14% of Malta’s SMEs said a skill mismatch issue exists.

The Maltese government has a national AI vision focused on three pillars. These pillars are investments in startups, public sector adoption, and private sector adoption. GO plc implements the Maltese government’s AI vision by relying heavily on AI technology. 

Malta Embraces AI Technology

In 2019, Malta released a document titled Malta—The Ultimate AI Launchpad. The document is part of their national AI vision. The Mediterranean island nation noted education and workforce as enablers of the national AI vision pillars.

Regarding education, Malta plans to build an AI-powered adaptive learning platform. Additionally, the country will use AI to analyze insights and recommend actions to improve the education system. 

The Maltese government plans to upskill and equip the workforce with digital skills. First, it will launch a reskilling program to help workers develop new digital skills. Second, it will help employers to invest in training programs. At the moment, the eSkills Malta Foundation has various certifications and courses in artificial intelligence. 

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Malta Commits to AI

Last year, the prime minister Robert Abela visited SmartCow, a local company specializing in artificial solutions. At the end of his visit, he said, “Such companies are preparing Malta for the future.”

He emphasized the important role of the artificial intelligence industry and the high-quality jobs it creates. Dr Abela encourages citizens to consider careers in the AI sector. He also pledged that the government will provide incentives for people who work in sectors that society needs the most.

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